Posted by: k | January 5, 2008

The dreaded “T” word…

Mum was out in the garden the other day, and she saw something weird in the front garden. Since it was pouring with rain, she didn’t look at it straightaway. She went out later…

And found a termite mound. Right in front of the house.

I had a bit of a sleep-in this morning, but woke up to the sound of someone tapping under the house. (Our house is a mid-set, not flat on the ground, but there’s about 8 steps to the front and back doors.)

It was Dad, checking out the joists under the front of the house.

Apparently, the termites have gotten into the first joist under the house, and are working on the second one.
(PS. The joists are the large pieces of wood that run from one side of the house to the other, and the floorboards are nailed to them. Can tell I’m a carpenter’s daughter, no?)

As soon as I got out of bed, I heard about the termites, and Mum was freaking out no end. She told me to sit in her chair, and she walked in front of me, roughly where the joist sits under the floorboards – and I kid you not, the floor and all the furniture shook – just walking normally.

Dad had one of his friends come over and they both went under the house to check it out, and on Monday we’re going to have to call the housing commission to come out and have a look at the house. I’d say that they’re going to have to prop up the front end of the house (we live on a hill, the back of the house is a lot higher off the ground than the front) and replace two of the joists, and then treat for the termites. Mum’s freaking out in case we get told we have to move, but I think we should be okay.

But still – termites. Feasting on the hardwood that conveniently holds our floor up.

Not impressed.



  1. Oh oh! Hopefully you guys caught them in time to exterminate!

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