Posted by: k | January 3, 2008

I fudged the brownies!

I told the girls at work that I’d make up some brownies to take in tomorrow. Fairly simple, right? You go to the supermarket, buy the packet mix, add two eggs, a little water, some margarine, mix it all together, put it in a tray and chuck it in the oven.


Except, I misread the box, and instead of adding 20ml of water, I added 200ml. Fool.

This bodes well for when I move out of home, and meals don’t come in packet mixes…

Mum was helping me out though, and once she realised what I’d done, she came up with the idea of adding some self-raising flour to thicken up the mix.

We’re now closely observing the oven to see if it worked. It should be ready by now, but it’s still all gooey in the middle. Eep!

In other news, my Threadless tee’s arrived yesterday! Aly, you would be proud! I bought two – I’ll take pictures tomorrow. I need to recharge my camera batteries.

One of the shirts says “The internet was closed so I thought I’d come outside today.”
And the sad thing is, everyone that’s seen it so far has laughed at me – because, well, it’s kinda true!

A week after spraining my ankle, it’s still pretty bad. Extra swollen, and sore across my foot, around my ankle, and up my leg. I’ve obviously dome some tendon damage. I’m still not driving at the moment, but tonight I picked up a proper elasticised sports bandage, so I might be able to drive next week… fingers crossed. I should add another resolution to my list – make it through an entire year without any clumsy injuries!



  1. I can’t wait to see your Threadless shirts. I bought practically my whole stash over here with me, hehe. 😉

  2. That sounds like something I would do (with the brownies, that is.) I tend to lose count when a recipe calls for more than 1 cup, teaspoon, or tablespoon of anything. I’m easily distracted when participating in the rare act of cooking or baking.

    Great blog title! Good luck with your injury.

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