Posted by: k | January 2, 2008

A sad day

When Matt moved in with me not quite 18 months ago, he had to leave his dog, Lady, at home with his mum so she didn’t fret. And also because Snuggles was already here, and they wouldn’t have gotten along at all…

Yesterday we went up to his mum’s place, and Lady was laying on the floor… she didn’t look too good. She couldn’t stand, or walk, and was shaking… and was refusing food and water. It looked like she had a virus of some sort.

Matt took her down to the vet today, and took his mum along too, to see what was wrong with her. The vet took one look at her and said the best thing for her would be to have her put to sleep. He also found a huge lump on her stomach and said it was probably cancer, and if Matt wanted to, he could fork out about $1000 in vet care and surgery to try and save her, but it probably wouldn’t do any good.

So while I was at work, Matt was saying goodbye to his companion of 14 years. I feel bad for not being there… but there was nothing I could have done anyway. He called me once he got home to let me know what had happened… and then I got upset because he was devastated.

Imagine taking your dog to the vet with the notion of getting some antibiotics, and not taking your dog home at all…

RIP Lady, you were a good dog. I’ll look after Matt for you, I promise!



  1. Hugs to Matt, it’s horrible losing a pet – and 14 years, argh. 😦

  2. I’m sorry to hear about Lady. 😦 I hope Matt feels better soon, I can’t imagine what he is going through.

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