Posted by: k | December 26, 2007

Christmas Hangover!

Christmas is over for another year.

I just wasn’t feeling it this year, which was sad. I didn’t start feeling Christmasy until about 7:30pm Christmas night. Better late than never, I guess.

And, like many other people, I’m assuming, Boxing Day brings pain with it. The majority of this pain will be alcohol induced – but mine isn’t. I didn’t even have a drink!

No… today, I rolled my ankle and sprained it pretty badly. Again. The same ankle I sprained in March. Except this time, I can tell that I’ve done a lot more damage…

How did I do it? I went down to the local shops with Matt to see about getting his watch resized. I gave him a good dress watch for Christmas, but the band needs about 4 links taken out of it before he can wear it. The store wasn’t open, so we started walking back to the car. It was raining… and as we walked across the pedestrian crossing, my foot slipped on the painted line and over I went. Luckily for me, Matt was on my left side and managed to catch me before I fell down… and I was wearing flats! I’m totally unco.

(I should mention here that after said spraining, Matt and I went to another shopping centre and I hobbled around looking for work attire. Can’t keep this shopper down…)

My ankle’s in a bit of a sorry state. There’s a bit of swelling, but it’s not obviously swollen. There’s a lot of bruising around my ankle and down my foot that’s only going to get darker.

Driving to work is off the agenda for the next few days. I could drive if my car had automatic transmission, but since it’s a manual (stick shift), it’ll be agony if I try it. Last time I sprained my left ankle, the day after our engagement party, I didn’t drive for a week, and when I started again, it hurt like hell for about 2 weeks… and that was a lesser sprain…

This is proof that when I do something, I do it properly. I couldn’t just roll it, oh no. I had to roll it, put all my weight on it, and turn it black and blue.

And I hadn’t even had a drink. Sucks.

Anyway – here’s a pic of Matt and I that I took last night. I’m wearing the Santa hat that came with his sexy Santa boxers – yes, they were my idea! I won’t show you the pic of him wearing them though… I’d get in trouble for that!

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!




  1. Aww you guys look so cute together! 😀

    Thankyou for the bath set – they smell awesome! I’m glad you got your Christmas spirit – better late than never! – and I hope your ankle is feeling better soon.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your ankle, that sucks! Hope it gets a lot better soon.

    Miss you!

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