Posted by: k | December 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to me…

Happy birthday to me… the big 2-0. Woo.

I went to work today, of course. I can’t really call up after my first day and say “hey, it’s my birthday, count me out today”, can I? Well, I could, but it wouldn’t look good.

I did treat myself, though. Some of the girls decided that they wanted Thai for lunch, and since I’d never had Thai before, I figured hey, why not, and I put my name down for some. I had some chicken fried rice, which was quite yummy. It was better than the cold pizza waiting for me in the fridge!

It took the girls in the pod (the cubicle) about an hour to remember it was my birthday, which was okay. I got lots of “Happy Birthdays”, and as I walked past a lady, she said “hey, it’s the birthday girl!” At lunch someone asked how old I was, and when I said twenty, she said “oh, you’re only a baby!”

I took the liberty of taking photos of all my cards and presents to brag show you, too!

Here’s the very cute duck card and bath set I got from Katie. She even drew me a birthday fairy inside the card! I felt bad when I posted hers because I’m just not that good at drawing fairies… or anything else for that matter.


In the mail today I got a lovely Christmas card and a couple of little surprises from one of my closest friends, Kirsty. She lives in Melbourne, and we’ve never actually met, but she’s definitely someone I hold very dear. In the card she thanked me for being “so absolutely awesome” and said that the only virtual thing about our friendship is our mode of communication. Aww!
The little pressies if you can’t see them are a little keyring with my name on it, and a pack of two bookmarks.


The next picture is the collection of goodies sent to me by Miss Aly. A gorgeous birthday card (with balloons on the inside!), a writing journal with a little handwritten message inside, a cute Christmas card, and a box of rum & raisin fudge. I’ve never actually tried it before, but hey, there’s a first time for everything! And of course I’ll keep in touch with you once you’ve made the big move, dear. We’ve become very fast and firm friends!


And of course, who can forget the goodies from family?

Matt spoiled me this year, and he got the hint that I wanted jewellery. He gave me two pairs of earrings, and a matching necklace to go with the studs.



Mum and Dad got me a bottle of Midori – I didn’t take a photo of that, because we all know what an empty bottle will look like.. haha! They also got me this dress. You’ll have to excuse the picture. One, I had to cut my head off because my eyes were shut and I looked pretty out of it, and two, I swear I looked a hell of a lot better in it this morning. Let’s just blame the massive serving of fried rice, okay?


Mum also bought me this – a very yummy mud cake. And yes, that is fresh cream on top…


And look, I saved a slice (albeit a fuzzy one) for you!




  1. Oh yum! That cake looks awesome, I love the fresh cream on top. It sounds like you had a great day and got lots of wonderful presents, so I’m glad that your spirits were higher. Oh and don’t eat any of the soaps in the bath set I gave you – soap doesn’t taste too good! 😉

  2. I love your dress! You got spoiled, m’dear!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you!! I hope you had a sensational day. It sure looks like you did.

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