Posted by: k | December 17, 2007

First day and Birthday!

First up, I want to say a very happy birthday to the lovely Katie. Just think, if you’d been born 24 hours later, we would have been birthday twins! I hope you got spoiled… and judging from your birthday post, you were!

As for my own birthday, which is now only several hours away… it’s looking up. On Friday I got a package from Katie, with birthday and Chrissy presents, and a card for each occasion.

I got home from work today, and there was a big package sitting on the coffee table. On closer inspection, I realised it was from the fantabulous Aly. I got gorgeous birthday and Christmas cards, a writing journal (with Kelly Marie written in it – wahoo!) and some rum & raisin fudge… yummo!

I started my new full-time job today. I was really nervous about it, especially since my temp job ended on a bad note (long story short, they got narky that I didn’t take their job and I finished up a day and a half early), but everyone I met today was really nice. The Accounts Payable team has their own ‘pod’, which is basically just a cubicle with 6 desks in it… my desk is huge! My own desk, my own bit of wall to hang my calendar on, and my own phone.

What I’m really excited about though… is my swipe card. The office is on the first floor of the building, and to get into the offices from reception you need to have a swipe card. Today I just used a spare one. But, I had my photo taken at lunchtime, and my details put in the system, and tomorrow I will get my very own swipe card, with my name and photo on it! I feel like a bit of a secret agent, needing to swipe my card to get into the office. Woo!
In the next few days I’ll get my logon information from Melbourne, which will make it official. I’ll have my own computer logon, personal email address (with my name in it!), and access to the system. And I’m not sure, but I think I also get a direct phone number! I feel all corporate…

I had promised tomorrow that I would share 20 highlights/memories. But I’ve decided that I want to find some photos to go along with it, so I’ll leave that until the weekend, and tomorrow I’ll take photos of all my presents. Hehe!



  1. That would have been awesome if we were born on the same day – birthday twins! But I reckon one day apart is good because then it’s like a 2-day celebration! 😀

    Happy Birthday for today! I hope you do have a wonderful day with family and friends (and lots of cake, mmm, cake!)


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