Posted by: k | December 11, 2007

Oh, wise one!

I’ve been having trouble with my wisdom teeth for years now. They come up, hurt like hell under the gum for a few days, and then go away. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I get two at a time – on the same side. It sucks, as anyone with wisdom teeth trouble can attest to.

I’ve been meaning to go to the dentist for quite awhile now, just to have my teeth cleaned up. I haven’t been for about 3 years now. I brush everyday, and floss when I remember (which is rarely), but they just need something extra to get them properly cleaned up.

Today, I took another step into adulthood. I am exactly 7 days from my 20th birthday, and for the first time, one of my wisdom teeth has cut the gum. And it doesn’t hurt anymore!

I know it will go down again in the next few days. Which means, I will really have to go to the dentist soon – because I inherited my Mum’s jawline, which means no room for wisdom teeth. My lucky Mum had most of her molars removed so that her wisdom teeth could come up, only to need them removed because they were rotten. I don’t wanna have to deal with that.

Also, I’m very lucky. Years of drinking soft-drink in very unhealthy quantities… but no fillings! I’d really like to keep it that way.

I think I must be one of the few people who has no problems with going to the dentist. I used to love it as a kid! The clean smell, the funky movable chair (which always had to be brought down to its lowest point so I could get into it)… I probably have no bad feelings because the worst I’ve ever had done is having a tooth pulled.

Unlike poor Matt, who snapped his tooth in half on Boxing Day last year (on a soft chicken sandwich, mind), and then had to wait two weeks to get in to get the rest of it pulled out. The guy botched it so bad that Matt was bleeding on and off for a week, and pulling/spitting fragments left behind for another 2-3 months.

That freaks me out.

So, in readiness for 2008 (and my 21st this time next year!) I’ve started thinking about what I want to put on “The List”. So far, I’ve got:

# Go to the dentist.
# Wipe out my credit card debt.
# Replace my car.
# Lose the 20kg I should have lost this year – I lost 10kg though, so that’s something!
# Move out of home.
# Kick ass at my new job (I start on Monday!)

Those are definites. There’s also things I want to do but am a bit iffy about setting a 12 month deadline for… like go to a concert for the first time (I heard Matchbox Twenty are touring… swoon), and finally go to see my beloved Swannies play – if that last one stumps you, it’s because it’s AFL – Australian Rules Football. The only game in the world where if you go to kick a goal and it goes either side of the posts, you get a point for trying.

And wouldn’t you believe it, as I wrap up this post, one of my other wisdom teeth has decided to join in on the fun…



  1. Ouch! I’m like you – never had a problem with fillings or anything. The worst I have had are braces and I’d take that over needles any day! I hope your teeth feel better soon – dentists suck!

  2. I had my wisdom teeth literally explode through my gums almost exactly three years ago *right before christmas…. that was awesome*.. It left me with a swollen face and a massive hole – yesHOLE- in my gums.

    They knocked me out and took them out.
    best thing ever.

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