Posted by: k | December 10, 2007

Are we there yet?

I went for a drive yesterday afternoon to my new job (well, the building anyway) so I could figure out for myself how to get there and back. It’s not too far away, but the suburb I’ll be heading to is quite hilly.

I got most of the way there, and stopped at a set of traffic lights. I got a whiff of something burning. And then I realised. It was my car.

Burning smell + car = obviously BAD.

On the way home, I was coming up to a set of lights, going downhill, and as I braked, the steering wheel started to shake… and I could feel it all through the front end of my car.

The burning smell persisted until we got home… when Matt said it was probably my brakes.

Now what? I need to work to get my car fixed, but without a car I can’t get to work. Catch 22.

While I’m still at my temp job, 10 minutes away, I figured it might be best to see if I could get the car looked at before I started my new job. It seemed like both sets of brakes were about to fail… that’s how bad the burning was.

Dad took it down to our mechanic today – a shock in itself since he’s usually fully booked – and after having a look, he said that my brakes were in good condition, they just needed to be adjusted. They’re now in the best shape they can be without a disc and pad upgrade… and he told my dad there would be no charge!

How lucky was that? I was stressing out, thinking that I’d have to come up with $200-$300 that I didn’t have.

Also, my missing Christmas presents showed up. Someone had the bright idea of sticking the bag in a box, and then putting the box on top of my Mum’s wardrobe. Go figure.



  1. I’m glad to hear your car is okay. Mine is due for a check-up and I’m terrified that it’s going to cost a fortune, especially around Christmas. I guess I’m convinced that all mechanics are out to make money and get one over on us first-time car owners. *d’oh*

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