Posted by: k | December 9, 2007

Just for laughs!

I love comedy. There is nothing better than tuning into the Comedy Channel and discovering that you’ve come across a marathon of stand-up. I love it!

I love all the Aussie comedians, too. Yes, there are many funny people out there from the US, UK, etc… but the Aussies take the cake, as far as I’m concerned. Wil Anderson, Dave Hughes, Carl Barron… and my new favourite, Tim Minchin.

I don’t think you could class Tim as your “average comedian”. He acts, he’s written plays, he’s a pianist (and a very good one at that), a songwriter and a composer. And he writes funny songs. And sings them. And plays the piano. And he can sing… pretty damn well.

He looks like a bit of a freak, but that’s the long scraggly hair and eyes rimmed in black eyeliner.

But he’s freakin’ funny!

My favourite song of his so far is “Inflatable You”. If the title doesn’t give it away… it’s a love song dedicated to his blow-up doll. I saw it on TV last night and nearly slid off the couch I was laughing so hard.

Another song is about an enviornmental issue Tim feels quite strongly about: “Take Your Canvas Bags To The Supermarket”. It starts off with the piano… but ends up as some sort of rock anthem. Tre cool.

Seriously. Go have a look on You Tube. Here’s the link for “Inflatable You” – here. You can follow links to all of the other clips too.

Have a laugh… we all need one!



  1. I’ll have to have a look. Have heard alot about Tim Minchin, but never seen before!

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