Posted by: k | December 8, 2007

The Grinch stole my Christmas…

…presents, that is.

I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen before year’s end… when I told Matt last night, he brushed it off and said I was paranoid.


This morning I took my alone time and went to the shops to finish my Christmas shopping.

People were everywhere. Cars were everywhere. I am not as patient as I should be. I restrained myself from intentionally ramming people with my trolley… just. People glared at me – I glared back. Get out of my damn way!

I picked up a Santana DVD for my Dad, as well as a t-shirt that says “Attention Ladies: I enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy”. Yes, that’s right, my Dad actually watches, and likes Grey’s Anatomy. So the shirt is perfect. I also got a shirt for Matt. It’s red, has a snowman on it, and it says “Global warming killed Frosty”. Very funny. I also got Mum the cow she’s had her eye on for 18 months. No, not a real cow, a ceramic one! She’s wanted it for ages and never had the money to grab it… about six weeks ago, she had the spare cash, and the cow was gone. We were not impressed. But while I was down the shops, I thought I’d have a look just in case, and there it was! I grabbed it very quickly and took off with it.

Great! All my shopping is done, so now I can go home and wrap it all!

Or not.

The week I stopped working, I picked up all my lay-bys, one of those being clothes for Matt. Two pairs of shorts and a polo shirt. That was six weeks ago. I made him try on the shorts so I could find out whether or not I’d grabbed the right size or not (I had) and then I put them away.

I put today’s shopping on my bed, and then went to get the bag with Matt’s clothes in it.

It’s gone. GONE!

Mum, Dad and I spent the better part of an hour turning the entire house upside down looking for these clothes, which were still in the shopping bag with the receipt taped to it.

I am now seriously PISSED OFF beacause:
(a) That was the main portion of Matt’s present;
(b) It’s $70 worth of stuff that has just vanished; and
(c) I can’t afford another $70 to replace it.

Christmas is in two weeks. And only I am skilled enough to have my presents disappear. We have now looked though every nook and cranny of this damn house, and that bag is nowhere in sight. And I know I only saw it a week or so ago, so it’s here somewhere.

But where?!

I know, I should just forget about it for now, and it’ll probably turn up, right? But what if it doesn’t?

I blame the Grinch. Bastard. Give me back my shorts!!!



  1. Oh no! It’s not just lost in the back of a closet somewhere? That’s got to be so annoying! I hope you find them – they should turn up, unless someone has accidentally thrown them out!

  2. YIKES.. I hope nobody has thrown it out thinking it was garbage. I’m sure it’s around there somewhere. Maybe in someone’s car? Or….. in a cupboard?

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