Posted by: k | December 4, 2007

The Great Christmas Tree Debacle of 2007

It’s been a long-standing tradition of ours that we put up our Christmas tree on the 1st of December. It’s also another long-standing tradition of ours to say that this year we will not buy any more ornaments for the tree, because we have plenty already. We say it, but it never happens, of course!

This year, we bought all new ornaments for the tree. For the past couple of years, our tree has been decked out in purple and silver – my colour scheme. This year, though, we were just looking at the ornaments, when we came across the most exqusite black, white and silver ornaments we had ever seen. Really classy looking. So we bought a whole new tree full of decorations, and put them away carefully, but not too carefully because we wanted to rip into them when it was time to put up the tree.

This year, all of Mum’s friends at the Salvos put their trees up mid-November. Not wanting to be left out, we Mum decided to put the tree up a week early, on the 24th. No worries! Off we went, stringing the lights, adding the beads (we don’t put tinsel on our tree) and then the $70 odd batch of new ornaments for the tree. And when we were done, we were so proud of it!

However, trouble was brewing.

Almost two years ago, Dad bought Mum new lounge room carpet for her birthday. She picked out the colour and design she wanted, and Dad made a note of it for when he went to pick it up. Sounds great, right? Except he bought the wrong colour. Instead of getting a medium brownish colour, he came home with carpet the colour of what can be described as “desert sand”. All hell nearly broke loose, but since the carpet had been cut and couldn’t be returned, we were stuck with it. It’s a nice colour, but because it’s so light, it’s a real pain to keep clean! Mum’s carpet rules? The dog is banned from sitting on anything except the rugs. Shoes must be wiped, or removed if they’re really dirty… drinks and food must be gingerly carried across the floor to the couch with a death grip. And if you spill something, so help you God. Mum has discovered a product for removing spot stains – Orange Power! Woo!

But after almost two years, the whole floor needed cleaning. You could see where the main traffic flowed in and out of the room. There were a few little stains here and there… it didn’t look as good as it used to. So Dad went to a family friend and borrowed his carpet cleaner, and bought a bottle of carpet shampoo. Mum and I decided cleaning the carpet was a job for the menfolk – aka Dad and Matt. The room had to be emptied, the carpet shampooed, left to dry, and then everything returned to its original place.

Mum had wanted this done before we set up the Christmas tree. However, as you remember me saying, the tree went up a week early.

And now the debacle unfolds.

Mum and I arranged to go and do some Christmas shopping while the carpet was being done. Both our men have a tendancy to get very, err, shitty… when things don’t go exactly as imagined, so we decided we didn’t want to be around to witness it. As we were about to leave, the guys grabbed the tree, very carefully, and moved it about 3 metres into the dining room. We watched with baited breath, but all was well. The star on top flopped over, and that was it.

Three and a half hours later, we return. All furniture is back in place, and the floor looks great – and then we look at the tree.

Which is wonky. Which has ornaments in places different to where they had originally been. Which had some lights sitting on the floor. It just didn’t look right. It looked like someone had tried to chop it down – and considering it’s a fake tree, that’s not good.

Mum demanded an explanation. Both men denied that it fell over in the process of moving it back. They claim that a couple of ornaments fell off it as they were moving it, but that was it. But folks? It has a lean. If it didn’t fall flat on the floor, I’d say that it definitely started to fall, but one of them caught it before it fell completely over. But we’re pretty sure it hit the deck somehow.

The annoying part? The men are denying it! Typical…

So now Mum and I are glaring at the wonky tree, debating the fact that we know it’s not right, but can we really be bothered taking things off it to fix it up? Chances are, this weekend we’ll take it half-apart and start again.

When it’s done, I’ll take a picture of it in all its glory, which is what I intended to do before the carpet got cleaned. And the tree got felled (heh).

What did your men do last weekend?



  1. Uh oh… I bet no-one wants to fess up because they’re scared! Yikes.

    My man.. well, no idea. But I’ll know in THREE weeks!

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