Posted by: k | November 29, 2007

Bird brained

I got quite a fright this afternoon!

At the office I’m temping at, the front wall of the building has large windows that span the length of the wall. There’s a little brick ledge on both sides, outside and in.

With about 15 minutes left in the day, I just happened to look out the window and see a bird flying straight at me! It pulled up just in time and landed on the ledge. I just about jumped out of my seat… luckily nobody else saw me.

The bird then had the gall to stare at me through the tinted glass, like it was taunting me for getting a fright!



  1. Haha that’s funny! It would have been even better if the bird had actually smashed into the window, but then again, it wouldn’t have been funny for the bird…

  2. I did the same thing the other day with a wasp. It was on the outside, me on the inside. I yelped. And jumped. And then looked around to make sure no one saw. Ha.

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