Posted by: k | November 26, 2007

Give peas a chance!

I hate peas. It’s a well-known fact. I would rather starve than eat peas, I hate them that much. Apparently I loved them when I was a baby… but I can’t picture it.

Much to Mum’s chargrin, to this day I refuse to eat peas – unless they’re served with mashed potato and I can bury them in starchy goodness. And lots of tomato sauce. Most meals, she serves peas to everyone, and gives me a tiny pile on the side, in hope that I’ll eat them. Other meals, she doesn’t bother giving me any at all. I’m usually picked on at teatime by everyone else by flat out refusing to put them near my mouth.

This obsession with the little green balls of ickiness in our household has led to some unusual table banter. If someone drops a pea on the floor or on the dining table, they have “pea’d on the floor” or “pea’d on the table”. One flew off Matt’s plate last night (and near me, to my horror) and he said “look, there’s an esca-pea!”

A couple of months ago, Mum was looking at a clothing catalogue, and saw a t-shirt. It was green, and in darker green it said across the front “Give peas a chance!”
She couldn’t help but point it out to me. I would have bought it, except it was a kids shirt. I was disappointed, because I totally would have rocked it!

Lately, our little dog Snuggles has been refusing to eat his wet dog food of a night. We only give him the tiny single serve portions, but he wouldn’t eat them, and then they’d get flyblown and feral. So we stopped giving them to him. Last night, Mum decided that she would give him some vegetables instead. She chopped up two roast potatoes, cabbage, carrots and peas, mashed it all together, and covered it in gravy. He ate it.

Mum went out there to check on him, and then she came in my room and said:
“You can tell he’s your dog – he ate everything except the peas!”

Good dog! 🙂

Snuggles is 16 now… he’s lost all his teeth, we’re pretty sure he’s nearly blind, and his hearing comes and goes. But he’s still full of love (especially for Matt) and loves to play around for a few minutes before he gets too tired.

And here’s a cute picture of him I took last month. He’s becoming quite camera shy. He does this thing with his tongue – he used to poke it out a little between his teeth to look cuter. Now his tongue hangs out because he’s got no teeth to keep it in! It’s still cute though.




  1. HAHA – We have the same ‘pea’ jokes.. people always tend to pea on the table or floor at my place.

    (And I don’t eat them. I swallow mouthfuls of them, like tablets. And get teased mercilessly for it. Are we twins?)

  2. again.. we do the pea jokes also.
    and… if that dog is 16, it’s not doing too bad! they’re normally bald by then…

  3. i love peas

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