Posted by: k | November 25, 2007

New set of wheels! (aka Matt’s Mouth #5)

I’m looking at replacing my car next year. Right now I have a tiny 2 door Daihatsu Charade. She’s been a good car… but she needs a new engine soon and she’s very temperamental. I haven’t been driving much since I’ve taken time off work, and whenever I start the car to go somewhere, it runs rough as guts until it gets going.

Matt’s pretty car-savvy, as every man is assumed to be.
(My dad’s not mechanically-minded at all. Give him a bit of wood though, and he’ll make you a masterpiece.)
So, I’ve started perusing cars online, and asking Matt’s opinion on different makes and models, and also the prices and kilometres on the clock. I’ve also been told it’s a good idea to get something a bit bigger than what I’ve got now. That’s a good idea… my little car only takes up half a parking space, and it’s damn-near impossible to see past 4wd’s, small trucks, and even utes.

Matt told me this evening that I need “a car with some balls”.

So far, I’ve deduced the following:

– Toyota = excellent, but they hold their value so they’re usually a bit pricey. Corollas are best. I want an Echo though.
– Holden = pretty good, if I go for a Barina, which is a small hatchback. I could pick one of these up relatively cheap, and parts are easy to find.
– Ford = I’m not a fan of Fords. But I could always get a little Festiva. They’re pretty good, and they come in purple!
– I don’t want another Daihatsu. I’ve had some trouble finding parts for my car. One time, it broke down on the way to work, and the cause was a worn-out rotor button. That is, a tiny bit of plastic. I went to get a new one at Autobarn, but it turns out, it was the wrong one. I had to get a genuine part from Toyota. (Yeah, Daihatsu is a subsidiary of Toyota.) A 30 minute drive and $22 later, I had my bit of plastic. Something that I would have rather paid $6 for…
– Hyundai = I’ve been officially banned from buying one of these, any model. Matt reckons they’re absolute crap. I’m not going to argue.
– Nissan = Another ban. To quote Matt’s opinion: “You’ve gotta have something missin’ if you own a Nissan.” Okay then.

And with that, let the hunt begin!



  1. I have only good things to say about Nissans, so I’m not sure what that says about me, ha. We recently sold our 93 Altima that drove for 14 years with minimal problems. Good luck though! I’m in the market for a new car, too.

  2. my mum and sister both drive pulsars *both white… both the same … gets confusing* and they swear by them. (sis did manage to prang hers twice though)… I’ve got a toyota…! They sure do hold their value. Mine’s a 98 Rav 4. I got it a year ago, and it still had a market value of $15k, and that’s after 8 years! I swear by toyotas…
    echos are so cute.

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