Posted by: k | November 22, 2007

The tale of Chicken

I forget the main thing I was going to write about today… so I guess it can’t have been that important!

We got some good news though, as we had expected. The infection on Dad’s hand is either a fungal infection, or a germ. Still gross, but a lot better than the c-word.

I was hoping to find out whether or not I’d gotten a job through the recruitment agency, but I haven’t heard from them since yesterday morning. They said they would call yesterday afternoon, because the main job I wanted was supposed to be an immediate start. I’m going to give it until lunch tomorrow, and if I haven’t heard, then I’ll drop them a line to see what’s going on. I was hoping that I’d have a job to go to on Monday. I’m getting bored…

Although, for the past 10 days, I have been amusing myself with a Christmas cross-stitch kit. I’ve been stitching a very cuddly Santa, who is hugging a teddy bear. It’s a lot of work, but I’m nearly finished! I just have to stitch Santa’s face, his hat, and finish off the curls in his beard, and then I can do the outlining. Then I’ll take a photo for you! I’m going to be very proud of it when it’s done.

We had a chicken crisis in the house this evening. Mum had bought some chicken breasts on shopping day and froze them. She defrosted them today, and when she went to put them in the oven bag, she smelled something that wasn’t quite right. She enlisted Dad’s super-sensitive sniffing skills (yes, he really does have them, this is a man who complains if you even wave an uncut union near the frypan his steak is cooking in) and they deduced that the chicken was bad, so they threw it. We’re all lucky that Mum picked up on it, otherwise all four of us might have been fighting for access to the Porcelain Express. What was dodgy though, is that the chicken was inside it’s use-by date. I ended up doing a take-out run – which always means going to at least two places. Dad will only eat McDonalds chicken nuggets and chips, and Matt, Mum and I got Red Rooster (kind of like KFC, but they pretend they’re healthier). So we all ended up eating chicken anyway!

The Australian Federal Election is being held on Saturday, and in all honesty, I will be very glad when it’s over. Six solid weeks of “official” campaigning, and unofficial campaigning since February. I’m sick of it! I know the process is even more drawn out in the US, so I feel for you folks, seriously.

For the record, I hate Howard, okay? And I hate the whole government. They promised no GST. We got slapped with it in 2000. We were promised that a lot of other taxes would be removed once the GST was in effect. No removal. Oh, and then there’s the whole stripping workers of their rights, award wages, holidays and penalty rates. And unfair dismissal? Gone. Hopefully Howard will be gone, too.

The Opposition leader has been pimping his “Education Revolution” (and a lot of other things I agree with) for quite some time now. And we need it, because…

I told the kid at Maccas that I wanted half a dozen chicken nuggets tonight, and he said “err, how many is that?”

This is quite a predicament, people! Australians, vote wisely. And remember, you’ll cop a $75 fine if you don’t vote. Because even though we are a democracy, it’s compulsory to vote.

Go figure.


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