Posted by: k | November 21, 2007

Gym happy!

I finished my 12 week gym challenge last week. I’d had my final weight recorded, but not my measurements.

I got measured tonight, and… *drumroll*
in 12 weeks, I lost 22.7cm – that’s 8.9 inches. I’ve already forgotten the exact measurements for all body parts, but I can tell you that I lost 6cm off both my chest AND hips, and 2.5cm off my waist. Wahoo!

This makes me mega happy, especially considering I wasn’t 100% committed to the challenge. Imagine what I can do when the next one comes up!

I should also take the opportunity to brag mention that since January, I’ve lost close to 10kg (22lb) in weight, and dropped two dress sizes. Go me!



  1. That is AWESOME. Good for you.

  2. Great job, Kel! Now if only I can get motivated again!

  3. That is wonderful! Good on you đŸ™‚

    I wish I could get motivated again. Last time I went to the gym for 12mths I put on 10kg LOL!

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