Posted by: k | November 18, 2007

Fluffy Santa!

This… is Santa:


Santa is a wee bit crazy… see? You can tell by the look on his face.

Regular readers should know that I have a twisted sense of humour. As for the rest of you? Surprise! I’m very twisted…

Do you see how Santa has his arm out and is pointing at something? Have you heard of the “pull my finger” joke? Well, someone has taken this and run with it. And given it to Santa.

This, folks, is a “Pull My Finger” Santa. And he does exactly what you think he does.

To give a thorough review of this Santa, I had to sit down and painstakingly press his finger many times to get all the wisecracks.
(Okay, I’ll be honest – it cracked me up so much, I played with it for about 30 minutes straight, and then decided I wanted to share it with everyone.)

This little guy is quite, er… bubbly. See, not only does he joke about farting, he also lets off some rip-snorters (read: great ones) and vibrates along with it!

I took the time to pull his finger to get his jokes and various degrees of farts, and I’ll try and err, translate the sound effects for you!

*Loud, longish fart* “That’s all you’re gettin’ this Christmas!” – he giggles.
*Short one* “Was that on your list?”
*High pitched one* “Aahhh, the holiday smells.”
“Ho Ho Hooophphhffhffhfhfhphhhh”
*Starts off high pitched, then drops and keeps going* (Over the top) “Up the chimney I goooooooo!!!”
*Quick, high pitched one* “There’s a gift for ya!”  he giggles…
*Two quick ones* “Come on, sit on my lap!”

The price of this wonder? $12. There’s some cheap entertainment for you!





  1. My husband would love that.

  2. My sister got that exact same santa for her partner.
    We spent twenty minutes on the phone to each other, me with my ear pressed against the reciever, listening to everything it said, and then guffawing loudly.

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