Posted by: k | November 17, 2007

Quick post!

Just a quick post today – Matt and I are headed out for a function our gym is holding. I’m looking forward to going out and socialising with some people!

Had some sad news today… the pain specialist that was treating my Dad passed away this week. He’d been sick for quite some time, and had to take an extended break to try and recover. It’s really sad that such a great guy succumbed to illness, especially when he had helped so many people.

I am looking forward to seeing the end of 2007. In all honesty, I think it’s been a horrible year for a lot of people. Five people we know of have passed away, all but one of those in the past 8 weeks, and more have been quite sickly. It’s been a year of physical, emotional and financial struggle, and frankly, I’m tired of fighting.

I’ve got something funny lined up for tomorrow’s post, so keep your eyes peeled!


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