Posted by: k | November 14, 2007

My very own Elf!

Today was the launch of KMart’s Wishing Tree Appeal. This is actually the 20th year of the appeal. At KMart stores all over the country, a tree is set up, with a little fence around it, and there are tags hanging on the tree. The idea is that you grab a tag, which tells you the age and gender of a child. You buy a gift that’s appropriate, wrap it, put the tag on it, and place it under the tree. Just before Christmas Day, the Salvation Army picks up all the gifts, and distributes them to needy families.

My mum’s been a full-time volunteer at the Salvos for a couple of years now. I volunteer whenever I can, which hasn’t been a lot over the past 12 months, because of working full-time. One of our family friends is the centre manager at our Salvos community centre. So every year, the girls at the Salvos get together with the guys at Kmart to launch the appeal. A local bakery donates a cake, and Donut King donates doughnuts. Here’s a picture of the cake:


Did I mention that they have to dress up, too? I didn’t? Ahh.. well that’s the fun, see? Some of the KMart workers, and the Salvos volunteers dress up in costumes and hand out the nibbles.

This year, there was a mouse (Salvos centre manager), a bear (KMart employee) and 4 or 5 elves. My mum was an elf! They all had their faces painted, and they looked so cute! I took photos of them all, but I had to promise not to post them here… not fair, right?

However, if you were to click here, here and here, perhaps you might find a little something? Our little secret, okay?



  1. Haha you guys look awesome! Why weren’t you dressed up? 😉

    I love the Wishing Tree idea – I try to do at least a few gifts but I’ve been slack lately. The wishing tree at my local store isn’t up yet (well, it wasn’t the last time I was there) but I’m definitely going to buy a few gifts this year.

    How funny that we both talked about the Wishing Tree! 🙂

  2. So adorable–and you and your mom look so much alike!

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