Posted by: k | November 11, 2007

Vintage Kelly!

Well, I promised you a treat today…

Today is Remembrance Day, as you should know unless you live under a very large rock. It’s the day where the world remembers all the soldiers that fought and died in the wars. Mainly, it’s to commemorate the armistice that led to the end of World War I.

On a happier note, though, on this day three years ago, I attended my Year 12 Formal – or prom, as some folks like to call it.

So, in honour to this day – and to celebrate 3 years out of the hell that was high school, here it is. A “vintage” picture of me, at my formal, taken by the professional photographer.


I didn’t scrub up too bad, eh? I was mortified when it came time to put the dress on, I’d lost weight so it would fit… but on the day the zip almost didn’t go up, because I’d gone up 3 bra sizes in the three month period between buying the dress and needing to wear it. Eep!

Edited later: I’ve had requests for a full-length shot! This is the only one I can find at the moment, it’s not entirely full-length, but it’s close enough! It’s been awhile since I had this body… I’m still working on it – and surpassing it!




  1. That colour must have been gorgeous.. I want to see a full length one, miss Kelly!

  2. You look beautiful! I love the colour and it goes beautifully with the black decorations too – I’m with Alynda, I want to see a full length photo! 😀

  3. That fuschia really is your color, Kelly! You should get yourself another dress in that color as a reward for all your hard working-out work!

  4. I love the details – that colour is amazing with black. Absolutely beautiful! You’re a good blogger because you do as you’re told – we requested a full-length and you complied! 😀

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