Posted by: k | November 10, 2007

Saturday Eats & Treats

I felt like Matt and I needed to do something happy together today. I’ve been leaning on him a heck of a lot the past 6-8 weeks, and I felt guilty. I mean, I know that in rough times your partner should be there for you, which he was… he was wonderful. I just felt guilty that I was taking so much from him, and not giving anything back. He said it was okay, but I want to start feeling good again!

So we decided to go out for dinner at Fasta Pasta, a chain of Italian restaurants here. The last time we went there was for Matt’s birthday in June. The food was awesome… and Matt actually ordered two meals for himself. I swear the waitress was stunned when she brought the plates out, and I said “that one there is mine, the rest is all his!” I think the poor girl was also stunned at the fact that Matt’s so skinny you can just about spit through him, and he’d ordered two full-size meals! He finished both of them, too!

Tonight, though, he only ordered one meal.

I had some pasta in a creamy mushroom sauce (with bacon bits!), and Matt ordered a steak, which arrived smothered in sauces and toppings. I was envious… I love my steak! I got to have a couple of mouthfuls, and oh Lord… I nearly died and went to heaven!
On the way home, Matt described his meal as “an orgasm on his plate.” Mine was good too, but unfortunately not that good. Next time I will definitely get that steak!

The restaurant was packed when we arrived, and there was only one table left inside. We ended up being sat next to a big table of people celebrating a birthday. I don’t want to sound critical or bitchy, but all the ladies were on the large side. I’m not bashing anyone, I have my own weight problem I’m battling at the moment. But these ladies, they were all a lot bigger than what I was at my fattest. All their meals came out long before ours, and they had all just about finished when ours arrived.

They were noisy, and they had a toddler there that was just uncontrollable, screaming the whole time, and throwing himself against the solid glass wall. Uh huh. Picture that. I don’t like kids at the best of times, but the last thing I needed while I was eating was a screaming match.

Matt and I got stuck into our meals. He had his back to the birthday table, and I was facing them. I started eating, and about halfway through, I felt eyes on me, so I looked up. One of the ladies at the next table (who I had watched demolish a larger plate than mine) was openly staring at my food. I looked at her, and she looked away. A few minutes later, Matt offered me a piece of his steak, and when I looked up to take his fork, she was looking again, with her mouth hanging open at the piece of steak I’d just taken. I caught her about 3 or 4 times over the course of my meal, just staring at me while I ate.

Who does that? Seriously?

What was even worse is that she was supposed to have her back to me to face her own table, but she’d turned in her chair, so she could face the person next to her, and stare at me.

She got up and went to the bathroom, and by then I’d finished my meal, and our plates were stacked up at the end for the waitress to come and get them. When this lady returned to her table, she faced forward in her seat like she should have been. It was just plain weird.

It really put me off. I don’t need to be oogled at while I’m eating… I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same. It was like she was waiting to see if I’d finish it all so she could have what was left!

We had one more drink each after our meals, and then we left… not long after the birthday table got their cake. I couldn’t get away quick enough… it was really awkward.

Then we went for a bit of a drive, and went to a new pub/”hotel” that opened up near home a few months ago. I say “hotel” in inverted commas because they have that word in their name, but they’re definitely not a hotel. Matt and I were expecting something flashy, but it was quite disappointing, really, for all the hype that had been generated for its opening. There was one huge room with tables everywhere, the dining section. Off to the left there was a tiny room for the kids to go, and a small function room, and off to the right there was a small gaming room. And that was it. Talk about a waste of a trip! If you were a smoker, you had to go out into the carpark to smoke (smoking in pubs and clubs became illegal here just over a year ago), there wasn’t even a designated outdoor smoking area. It was quite pathetic, really. It wasn’t even decorated that nicely, I thought.

So, that was my Saturday night. I didn’t do much else today, I slept in until 10am! I haven’t done that for a looooong time.

I have a special treat for you all tomorrow, so keep an eye out!



  1. I slept in until 10:30! Ohhh, so lovely!

  2. I would have caught her eye, smiled and waved pointedly. Stupid woman – how rude.

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