Posted by: k | November 6, 2007

A new beginning

Things are going to work out for me, I know it. And I’m not worried about what I’ll end up doing between now and Christmas, because I know I’ll find something – even if it’s only a temporary role. I’m a good worker, and I have skills that people are looking for, and I’m just going to take it as it comes… if someone doesn’t want to hire me, then I can just look at that as their loss.

I dreamt I was pregnant last night, which symbolises a new beginning.

I told my Dad this, and what it means when you dream you’re pregnant, and after I said it symbolises a new beginning, he said:

“Or it symbolises someone needing their arse kicked!”

Hehe… I’ve missed him!

I’m applying for something today, and there’s another position I’m thinking about going for as well. Both are pretty close to home, which is what I’m after. I don’t really want to catch the train into the CBD every day… that would be a bit of a drain!

We’ll see what happens! Cross your fingers and toes for me!



  1. Great attitude! Get out there and get interviewing–you’ll find the right position for you in no time.

  2. Haha.. love your dad. Classic. Hope things are going well for you! xo

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