Posted by: k | November 5, 2007

He’s back!!!

My Dad arrived back home today – YAY!

He was gone for four weeks and two days – the longest any of us have ever been apart.

We were out of the door by 7:45am to make it to the airport, since we were driving in peak-hour… the traffic was heavy, but we got there pretty quick, considering.

We got to the airport about 30 minutes before Dad’s flight was scheduled to land, at 8:50am. Once we arrived though, we found out the plane was delayed.

By two hours. Damn.

What were we to do? We got some drinks and sat down in the cafe area. Mum then realised she was hungry, so she sent Matt to the pizza place (hee!) to get us something to eat. He returned, with this box:


I can’t even say it was half the size of a regular pizza box, it was that small. And inside it? What was advertised as a “personal pizza”. A tiny little pizza, about 10 bites worth, if that, cut in half.

Its cost? The size of a normal, full-sized pizza. Atrocious! Mind you, the muffin place next door was selling single cinnamon doughnuts for $3.60 each. For one doughnut! Give me a break! Matt went to throw the pizza box away, but I told him to keep it so I could take a picture. He rolled his eyes… he knew I was going to blog about it… am I really that transparent?

We sat in the arrivals lounge, watching hoardes of Japanese people leaving the customs area. Mum and I joked after about an hour that Japan must be just about empty…

Dad’s flight finally landed at 10:40am, almost two hours after it was supposed to arrive. We then had to wait about an hour for him to get through customs… but then? Big hugs! And then the drive home.

I’d been dreading telling Dad about my job situation (or lack of one), so when I finally told him I wasn’t going back, his reaction surprised me. I was expecting him to be quite angry (at the situation, not at me) but he kind of just shrugged it off, and said “you’ll find something better, love” which made me feel a lot better. I guess he could tell that I was a lot happier.

He agreed with me when I said I thought it was Nan’s work, telling me not to work for an Irishman – and she should know, since she was married to one for 55 years!

I’m deciding whether or not to start looking for something this week, I still have the equivalent of two week’s pay in my account. There’s one job that I’ll apply for tomorrow after I get all my stuff organised, and then we’ll see what happens.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to run around like a blue-arsed fly (Aussie saying!) trying to find something in desperation. I’m going to look for something that’s right for me, something where I have a chance to advance and get more experience. If I don’t get a full-time job before Christmas, then I have no problem with doing temp jobs. Most temp jobs I’ve heard about are in government agencies, where the pay is good, and getting more experience in different office environments would help me a lot. I’m not stressed, I’ve had enough of that the past 6 weeks or so!

Anyway, Dad had asked me after Nan had passed, if I’d like a couple of pieces of her jewelry to hang on to, and of course I said yes. He brought home two watches, a pair of earrings, and a gold ring. Mum took a watch, and gave me the rest.

Here’s a pic of my Nan’s ring, it’s an unusual shape, and at first I wasn’t sure if I could get it over my big knuckles:


It’s sitting on top of my “Posse Pouch”, which is actually a little handbag to store my camera in. Hee. No, I’m not obsessed with handbags, not me! *cough*

And here’s what it looks like on my finger:


So that’s my Monday. How was yours?



  1. I’m glad your Dad is back safe and sound. Airport food is a rip-off, it’s ridiculous but it’s how they make their money. They probably work with the pilots to ensure planes are delayed so loved ones will need to buy something to eat. 😉

    About the blogging thing – Phill also rolls his eyes at me when he realises I am going to blog about something. It’s cute, but as I said to him yesterday, at least my hobby isn’t drugs or something! 😀

  2. I think the ring is super cool! How wonderful to have a memento of your grandmother to remember her by.

  3. It’s beautiful, and I’m sure your nanna would have been happy for you wearing it.

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