Posted by: k | November 4, 2007

Spice up your life!

A few months ago I said that I’d come across Britney’s new single, and for some reason I couldn’t stop listening to it.

I was surfin’ the net, doin’ my thang, and found some more songs of hers.. that I listened to a few times, but got sick of them pretty quick. There’s only so much a computerised voice can do for someone.

But, as you will all know for sure by now, the Spice Girls have gotten back together.

And for some reason, this has prompted me to re-watch all the old video clips, watch the clip for their new song several times (and laugh at how plastic and botoxy Posh is looking), and reminisce about the Spiceworld movie – that was what it was called, right?

I remember the scene in the movie where the girls were with their pregnant friend, and the chick said “I can’t wait until I can look down and see my feet again!”

And my chubby ten year-old self looked down and exclaimed: “But I can’t see my feet!”

Ahh… memories.

For the record – my favourite Spice Girls song is Viva Forever. 2 Become 1 is good too, and I still like all the oldies… The DJ at my Year 12 Formal actually played Stop – everyone in the room groaned, but in a split second everyone was on the dancefloor! I still remember the moves for that, too…

The power of Spice!

Funnily enough though, I’m not embarrassed. Should I be? I mean, they were absolutely HUGE. They did wonders for the whole teen-pop thing. I remember being in the backyard one day, singing ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ and groovin’ in my own little world, when I turned around and saw my parents laughing at me so hard they looked like they were about to wet themselves. That embarrasses me, but still having a soft spot for the Spices? Not really.

Girl Power!!!



  1. My friend’s sister is currently teaching the Spice Girls dances for their tour!

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