Posted by: k | November 2, 2007

Here, there and everywhere!

Today has been full on!

I received my final payment today (36 hours late, they’re lucky I didn’t report them) and ran around frantically picking up all the Christmas lay-bys (also known as lay-aways) I put on last weekend.

I also needed a new pair of work-appropriate pants, because I was wearing them today, and I realised that they had massive holes on the insides of the legs! I’m lucky I didn’t end up doing a Britney or something (although I do get in and out of a car more elegantly than her!).

So, I picked up 4 lay-bys – including my super swanky BLACK Christmas tree! – bought two pairs of pants, two cheap summer shirts, and a pair of shoes which I desperately needed.

The grand total? $320!!!! Add $40 to that, and that’s what I was getting paid each week. A lot of money to little ol’ me!

I also needed to get my printer looked at, because it’s been playing up for about 8 months now. It’s an all-in-one, so it prints and scans. I haven’t printed anything for a long time because the ink cartridges were playing up, drying out even though they were brand new! I took it to the printer shop that supplies the company I used to work for, and they were very helpful… They’re hanging onto it for now, and they’ll go right over it for me.
While I was there, I was looking at a laser printer, a cute little one. And I thought, ‘well, I’m going to need a printer relatively soon so I can run off copies of my resume, cover letters etc’.
So, I bought a laser printer. It was listed online at $179, in the store it was listed at $149, and he gave it to me for $139! Then I took it out to my car and realised that the box was too big to fit into the back of my car, so I had to plonk it on the passenger seat, and drove home very gingerly. It’s in the kitchen at the moment, I’m going to set it up shortly!

That means, today, all up, I have parted with $460. Four hundred and sixty dollars. That’s well and truly over what I was getting paid for a full 40 hour week. Ouch!

Tomorrow I’m giving away another $100 or so, because -woohoo! – it’s time for a haircut, and new hair colour. I like the blonde I am now, but I’m going to request that I be lightened up some more. Not white blonde, though. Something natural looking and manageable. I used to be white blonde, and it looked awesome, but I got sick of needing my regrowth attended to every 4 weeks.
Also need an eyebrow wax. I put it off last month, because the last time I had an eyebrow wax, the girl had the setting turned way up, and I actually got burnt by the wax. My eyes were red for a few days afterwards…

I’m looking forward to getting my hair done tomorrow, it will look really good, the colour will be fresh, and it will sit ‘just right’ for the job interviews ahead. I’ve always been pedantic about my hair, and knowing that it’s sitting right and looks good will be a confidence booster.

Call me vain, but hey, every girl has at least one feature she’s obsessed with!

I promise, in fact, I pinky-swear that I will have the recaps up soon, and passwords will be in inboxes! I promise!!!!

Thank the LORD for FRIDAY’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoooooooo!!!!!



  1. OMG, you shopaholic you! That’s more than I make in a week! lol! I’m waaay overdue for an eyebrow wax, oh oh. And looking forward to the recaps and password … and I still want to what happened! 😀

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