Posted by: k | November 1, 2007

That’s my name, don’t wear it out!

My name is Kelly. With a ‘y’. That is the way the Irish intended it to be spelt. The name Kelly has been adapted by the Americans to mean “Warrior Princess” (thank you, Wikipedia!)

In my 19 years, 10 months, and 14 days on this planet, I have seen many variations on the spelling of “Kelly”, which include:


Every time I see one of these variations, I freak out. It just looks so weird, and I don’t know why the hell anyone would take a perfectly good name like “Kelly” and fart-ass around with the letters to try and make it look pretty. It has a nice ring to it already, and it’s functional. Plus, it’s easily abbreviated and adaptable. “Kel” and “Kell Bell” are good, whereas “Smelly Kelly” and “Ned Kelly” are not so good. And yes, I know. For those of you not familiar with Australian history, I dare you to google Ned Kelly and see what you get.

The one that freaks me out the most is “Kellye”. Like they’ve thought “Oh, it’s missing something, so we’ll just slap an extra “e” on the end.” Folks, the letter “e” is the most used letter in the alphabet, and you don’t need to add one on where it isn’t needed. Seriously.

Five letters. That’s all you need. And a “y” at the end.

Is it that hard?

(And yes – I realise that there will be ladies out there with these spellings, or other variations (crap, MORE!) that will probably be offended by this, but hey, it’s my name. And yours. But yours is spelt weird. And you probably think mine is spelt weird. Whatever.)

This has been a pet peeve of mine for years now – the last one I saw was “Kellye” on a name badge, and that extra “e” made me shudder.

The power of the alphabet, huh?

(Also, later on today I will be doing an October wrap up, in two posts. One will be password protected. So you regular readers/commenters, Aly, Katie, Laurel etc… email me and I’ll give you the password once the post’s up. I just don’t want any undesirables reading it – but you’re all desirable!)



  1. Hey, I’m a Katherine. I know exactly how you feel. 😛 I’ve seen some spellings which make me shudder – perhaps the worst was “Kathriynne”. I’m serious. What the hell. Some people are just crazy. Hence why I go by “Katie” or “Kate”. 😉

  2. Try spelling Alynda! I get some bizarre spellings, and at least 90% of my relatives still get it wrong. It’s a ‘y’ in the middle, and not an ‘i’ – Sheesh.

    Write me back and give me yer secret pass!

  3. Hi I know we haven’t met buit I found you through Aly. she knows me ( sort of) hert mum def does. I’d like the password but understand if you say no.

  4. I hear ya. People constantly misspell my name “Loral” or “Laural” I don’t get it. Laurel is a word. It is in the dictionary. Look it up!

    On the lookout for the password!

  5. Katie – I like Katie just the way it is, it’s nice and pretty 😉 Matt’s mum’s name is Katherine too, but she goes by Kathy. Not sure how that works.

    Aly – family members should know better! Everyone else you can kind of let it slide – but I can understand how annoying it would get…

    Fergette – I’ll give you the password, don’t worry 🙂 I should be doing the post sometime this afternoon.

    Laurel – I know of someone who spells it “Laurelle” with extra emphasis on the “elle”. Meh. I didn’t think the name suited her. But you’re definitely a Laurel. And gorgeous!

  6. My issue is people pronouncing my name incorrectly. Being an “Andrea,” there are a couple of ways to say it. Mine is best, though.

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