Posted by: k | October 28, 2007

Home Improvement and more…

Well, I’m back, after a week of blogging absence. You guys don’t even want to know what’s gone on… but the good news is, I am back, and considering NaBloPoMo starts in a few days, that’s good.

In short, the last week has been one massively horrible stress ball. Nan passed away on Sunday, we got the call Monday morning, I went to work Monday and fell in a heap… I took Tuesday off with bereavement leave, Wednesday I had a class in the city… and Thursday? I went back to work and discovered that the boss had “restructured” my job while I was gone – in short, he made someone go through my work computer, read my emails (some personal), check my internet history, and then confront me with his wife and two other staff members. Oh, and Thursday was the day of Nan’s funeral. So I was really in the mood… I nearly quit. Friday wasn’t much better But that’s all I’m saying on that…

I’m back. Did you miss me?

Today, I got my very first award, from the lovely Katie. It really perked me up, which is what I needed. Unfortunately, since all the blogs I love have already been given this award… I can’t really pass it on. But I got an award.. yay!

Here it is:


In other news, Mum decided that she was going to paint while Dad was away. We looked at paint in various stores, and after scoffing at the prices, we decided that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Until Mum was reminded that there was a LOT of leftover paint at the Salvation Army (which was painted only a few weeks ago – Mum’s a full-time volunteer).

So, on Tuesday, on my day off, we went to the centre, had a coffee and a chat, and lugged home a lot of paint. Mum has wanted to paint her bedroom for about 18 months now, but her and Dad haven’t been able to agree on a colour – so she decided to paint while he was gone. It’s not sneaky, it’s constructive!

On Wednesday, she painted her bedroom (despite my insistence that she let me take “before” pictures before she started). However, I did find one bit of wall above her wardrobe that she couldn’t reach… so I got a half and half photo:


The yucky green: before.
The nice blue: after. That shade of blue is now on three of the walls.
Here’s a better shot of the new blue:


The painting on the left there? I did that! Bow to my artistic greatness…
And here is a photo of Mum’s brand spanking new feature wall, complete with Garfield and teddy bears:


So that’s the bedroom. Swanky, huh?

This weekend she tackled the kitchen, which meant taking EVERYTHING down, moving it all to the dining room, and washing all the walls down before even looking at a paint brush. I actually managed to get a proper “before” shot of the kitchen before she started:


And after. Out with the blue, and in with the new:


I took a few other photos of the kitchen as well, including just a few cows out of Mum’s ever-expanding collection…



And that is it… lots of paint fumes, and fun-filled situations.

Really good news? Dad is looking at coming home as soon as possible. Like, next weekend. Yay!

Not good news…. this MASSIVE hailstorm just started, and when I say MASSIVE, I mean it!



  1. The paint jobs look awesome! Your dad will be thrilled, I’m sure. It’s not been hailing here but it’s been storming for a day or so – it’s only starting to calm down now and I see blue sky, thank goodness. 🙂

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