Posted by: k | October 19, 2007

Cleanin’ up the ol’ MSN list…

I am just about to have a massive clean-out of my MSN list. There’s 65 people on it, and I chat with, let me count… 4 on a regular basis, and 6 or 7 occasionally. That’s 10 or 11 people. And there’s 65 on my list. Some Most have to go!

The majority of them are people I used to talk to online, others are people I went to school with, and then there’s a few randoms that added me randomly (heh) which are all under one heading, appropriately titled “Stupid People I Don’t Know”.

I deleted more people not too long ago, because the list was up to around 100. Among the deletees were some people I used to be quite close to, but had a falling out with, and I really didn’t feel like wasting my finger-power talking to them anymore.

I need to be more brutal with my deleting this time, though. I’ve been putting it off, partly in the hope that some people I used to be close to will start talking to me again (they stopped because I started seeing Matt, and they were all single and couldn’t find anyone decent), but hey, if they haven’t spoken to me for 20 months, they’re not going to start tomorrow. So off the list they go.

It’s sad, but it’s their loss. And if I delete you, it’s your loss. You’re wasting space on my list!

Time for streamlining! I just went from 65 people to 13. Much better!

Of course, my lovelies, if you are crazy friendly enough and you wanna have a chat with me, feel free to add me: kelz_tha_nut [at] hotmail [dot] com
(don’t ask, it’s an email address from when I was 13, and I thought it was cool to call myself a nutcase!)



  1. I hope I stay in the list 😉

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