Posted by: k | October 16, 2007


Yeah, I don’t do Googleage, normally. My blog is (fairly) new, so I don’t think I get that many visitors. Not many come here through searches, either. And when they do, it’s usually nothing funny.

I had a look just for the sake of looking, and I’ve actually got a couple of half-decent ones, so I thought I’d share.

Naughty Kelly – I’m not really that naughty, am I? I just pretend to be… Mind you, it depends who you ask! šŸ˜‰

I want more excitement– Yes, me too. Because finding out your Nan is dying, having to put your father on a planeĀ and send him toĀ the other side of the world, not sleeping and dealing with a migraine just isn’t exciting enough… oh no, wait, add a damaged car tyre to that. Appears that the stupid bitch that hit me the other week ruined my tyre… won’t hold a bit of air now!

What is loose shit called– I do believe the correct term for this is diarrhoea. Either way, it’s disgusting. And when someone is speaking “loose shit”, that’s verbal diarrhoea. Or just plain talking shit. I know lots of people who are experienced in this area.

Cremated wearing leather pants – if you mean that you won’t be seen dead in leather pants, I totally echo your sentiment. Although I have a leather skirt that I’ve never worn. I don’t even know why I have it…

And, finally, one that makes me feel like someone plucked it out of my head:

Emotionally loose – uh huh, that’s me right now. Totally. 4-day headache and lack of sleep not exactly helping here…



  1. So, how does leather burn? Would that help you be creamated faster?

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