Posted by: k | October 12, 2007

Office Memorandum

To the “colleague” who stole my black permanent marker:

You suck. There’s only 6 of us on the payroll, so it wouldn’t be that hard to figure out who you are. Anyway, you suck. That was a brand new marker. And I need it to write the signs so the contractors know where they’re going. And you stole it. And left me with a piece of shit blue whiteboard marker that’s 97% dead.

Thanks for nicking it during my days off, so I didn’t notice it was gone until I needed it.

I had a spare, hidden in my drawer, but it’s not the same. It’s a whiteboard marker, and it doesn’t work the same. Also? It f***ing smells. Bad. Between that, and the white-out, I now have a headache.

So, thank you for stealing my non-smelly, reliable black marker, and leaving me with a stinky piece of shit.

Karma will come back to you, and give you a headache twice as bad as the one you inadvertantly gave me.

– The angry receptionist.

PS. Just remember who replenishes the toilet paper supply. And the coffee.


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