Posted by: k | October 12, 2007

Friday Friday Friday!

Finally. Friday! Thank God.

This week has been up and down (mainly down…) but it’s nearly over! Yay!

So what do you all have planned for the weekend?

Tomorrow, I’m helping my mum clean up all her ceramic canisters, and then listing them on eBay for her. I’m also going to go through my clothes (again!) and try to clean some more stuff out.

I also need to clean my car (stupid bats pooped on it), and learn where all the important stuff it (oil, radiator etc), because I’ve had this car for 18 months, and I’ve never checked any of that myself. And… one of my tyres was nearly flat last night. I drove to the service station and my mum put air in it for me… I can’t even put air in my own tyres! I need to learn this stuff…

(I also noted that I’ve never had a flat before, and the tyre that was flat was the one that got hit in the accident. Coincidence? Let’s hope so, I can’t afford to replace a tyre yet! I have a spare, but still…)

Sunday is hopefully going to be a rest day, for the most part, but on Sunday night we’re going to an 80th birthday party. Should be good. I’ve already got my dress picked out, as any organised girl does! Am going to take lots of piccies!

On another note… have you ever gotten something, whether it’s a present or something you’ve bought yourself, and you can’t wait to rip into it, but you hold back because you really want to savour it?

I bought the new James Blunt album last night! He’s one of those artists that people either seem to love him to death, or they can’t stand him. I’m in the former category. I bought the album and came home, and Matt was watching TV… so as much as I wanted to play the CD, I didn’t, because I didn’t want James to have to fight with the TV.

The excitement is still there – oh yeah. But I’m going to wait for a bit of piece and quiet, so I can really appreciate the music. In fact, I can probably listen to it when I get home from work, I can commandeer the surround sound system, and make it sound even better…


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