Posted by: k | October 11, 2007


I got to speak to my dad last night, which was nice. It’s weird only being able to talk on the phone, and it’s also weird listening to his full-blown Welsh accent. He’s never totally lost his accent, but whenever he gets on the phone and calls relatives, within about half an hour his accent thickens right up again. The Welsh tend to have a sing-songy tone in their voice. He sounded happier, which was good. The hospice people talked him out of caring for my nan at home. It looks like she’ll be getting moved to a hospital closer to home in the next week or so.

She loved the bear and the rosaries, and also – they’re her favourite colour as well. On the way into the hospital, dad found an orchid the exact same colour as the rosaries and the balloon the bear was holding, which would have looked fantastic.

Mum had her first night of decent sleep since dad’s left, which was good for her, because she was getting more and more frazzled. Me, on the other hand, although I was exhausted after my PT session, still tossed and turned.

I’m wearing a satin top today that I’ve had for quite awhile, and it used to be quite tight, in fact, unbearably so for quite awhile, especially across my chest. Today though, it’s quite loose, and I have to keep adjusting it because it keeps slipping down and showing my bra… not a good look. I might be able to get one or two more wears out of it, but after that, I don’t know! I guess it’ll have to be added to the pile of too big/never wear and I’ll have to sort out all my clothes again. Which is fine, because I listed a few things on eBay… and there was a bidding war! Heee…

I’ve also noticed that I’m adding “-ness” and “-age” to words of late. See my title? I typed that unintentionally. I have also been talking to Aly about “pinkage” and “Londonage” while we scour though the eBay listings for pretty clothes.

Example? Last night, Aly found a gorgeous dress, long sleeved, so it would be ideal for London spring or whatever. To which I said “oohhh, awesome Londonage!”
Then I teased her with about 2 minutes to go, saying that I was going to bid on it too. I was just kidding though… I’m not evil!

Is this blog speak, or am I just randomly inventing words now? I also made a new category, ready for NaBloPoMo, “Blogage”. Yeah, I think I’m really losing it this time!



  1. I’m glad your nan loved her gifts! I would be thrilled to get an orchid!

  2. We are Ebay dorks. 🙂

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