Posted by: k | October 11, 2007


You know, I might not be money rich, but I’m sure as hell not poor.

And I’m not talking about money, material goods or anything like that. Although I know I’m better off in that way than a lot of people in this world.

I’m not poor because I have wonderful friends. Friends that I can laugh with, joke with, and cry with. Friends who are thinking of me, and take a spare minute out of their busy day to say hi.

I’m also not ashamed to say I’ve met some wonderful people online. People that I’ve never actually met face to face, but when we chat, it’s like they’re sitting right next to me and chatting over a cup of coffee.

Starry is one of those friends. We met, oh, quite a few years ago now, on a forum dedicated to our favourite TV show, Alias. We had different opinions on the show (like who should be with who, etc) but we started chatting and we formed what can be classed as a close friendship. We helped each other out with our writing, and also attempted to write a fanfic together – I think we only got 3 chapters into it!

The forum hasn’t closed, but everything there has changed, it now covers a wide range of TV shows, and since the Alias series wrapped up, I haven’t really gone back to have a look around. But I got an awesome friend out of it. And the distance has never really been there, even though I’m in Brisbane, and she’s in Melbourne.

Naturally, when I found out about my Nan, Starry was one of the first ones to find out, if not the first. I can’t remember the conversation all that well, but I know that she just let me type and type away, and get it all out. It didn’t lessen the pain, but it was comforting to know that someone was there.

We’ve chatted more since then, obviously, and I filled her in on everything, when my dad was leaving, etc.Today, I was having lunch at work, in front of the computer (as usual) when a new Messenger window popped up. It was Starry… and this is what she said:

“hey, just thought I’d check in on you before I went out today”

I was floored. Mainly because I think I was shocked that she knew she was about to leave, but she saw me online and thought to drop in a message.

Then she went on to ask how work was going (I’ve been internally clashing with my boss for a little while), and then asked how my dad was.

We spoke for a bit longer, and then she really had to go, because she was starving and she needed to go out to eat.

Just before she left, I said “thanks for checkin’ up on me!”, and she said “that’s what friends do” and gave me a huge cyber hug. (Almost as good as a real one!)

Maybe I shouldn’t be so shocked. But it made me stop and think, and ultimately blog about the experience.

I am so lucky and so grateful to have friends out there that are thinking about me, even when they’re preoccupied, and check how I’m doing without even hesitating. Especially Starry… hell, we’ve been bouncing things off each other for a long time, now.

So, Starry, if you’re reading this (and I’m not sure if you do, but you’ll be getting a link to this post anyway) I just want say thanks, even though to you it might seem insignificant, but it made my week, it really did. And someday soon, you’ll have to give me your postal address, and you never know, a little something might show up for you!



  1. Kelly Marie,

    I can identify with this entry. When I moved away from the place I grew up, I was alone because my husband was always at work. During the last two years, fortunately, and unfortunately, I like my online friends a lot more than well, what are now ex-friends. Recently, on my birthday, ‘Anners’, who is on my blogroll (kate blogsworth), posted a special treat for me. She does a celebrity gossip blog and found a bit of dirt on Aidan Quinn for me, and also posted pics of him and Chris Cornell. I don’t think she will ever realize what that meant to me.

    I have also met a lot of people that I have come across online. It’s not always a bad idea; you have to use some discretion.

    I hope you meet Starry some day.

    Thank you for this post,

  2. That’s amazing. I can’t tell you what a great extra layer of support my blogging friends are. It’s so awesome to have a wide network of people who love you—across the country and across the world!

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