Posted by: k | October 9, 2007

Icky bugs!

So, I was going through my everyday blog routine, regularly stalking everyone, and I saw that Aly had posted about bugs. And summer bugs. Evil flying (or crawling) barrels of death.

Me? I am a girly girl. I do not kill bugs. That is the man’s job. The most cherished memory of my 18th birthday? Killing my very first spider. Not just any spider, a HUGE huntsman. I sprayed it, it chased me, I thumped it with dad’s slipper, it curled up, then I threw the other slipper at it, ran into my bedroom and hoped for the best. The next morning it had crawled down the hallway, but it was dead.

As a rule, I do not kill anything that may attack me. If there is a cockroach or spider in the toilet, I will damn well hold on until someone else goes in there unawares, and kills it. A process that could take hours. If I’m desperate, I’ll get someone to do it for me. Bugs and I do not get along.

Mum had bug issues last summer, too. During the summer months, she would do the washing as usual, and hang the clothes on the line in the backyard. Only when she returned an hour later, all the white clothes were swarming with bugs making new nests. Talk about fighting for your clothes!

I digress though, because Aly’s post reminded me of one particular incident with a fly. Flies suck. They are dirty, horrible, and have a tendancy to crash fun BBQs.

This particular fly incident took place when I was about 8 or 9. When I was a kid, I used to get a LOT of ear infections, one every few months. So when I woke up one morning with a sore ear, I resigned myself to having to go to the doctor and getting more ear drops.

I had the day off school, and went to the doctor with my mum. The doctor looked in my ear, then stood up, and looked again. He then said, and I quote:

“You’ve either got a funny shaped piece of wax in there, or there’s a fly in your ear.”

He then proceeded to fill one of those jellybean dishes (a green one), put hot water in it, filled a syringe and flushed my ear out.

I was expecting wax.

But… it was indeed a fly, which came out in bits and pieces as the water tore it apart.

Of course, the next day I went to school with a note explaining about the fly. And my teacher wet herself laughing.

True story.

And to this day, I have absolutely no idea how the hell I got a fly in my ear!



  1. Oh man… so gross. I’d be imagining there were things in my ears for days after that one! *hides under a blanket*

  2. Eek! I think having a fly in my ear would freak me out, even if it didn’t hurt or anything.

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