Posted by: k | October 1, 2007

Scrap Happy Weekend!

I had a FANTASTIC weekend! I think this was the first weekend in awhile where I haven’t just plonked myself down in front of the computer, and I loved it!

Friday night I went down to Scrapbooks Etc(local scrapbooking shop) with my mum, and stocked up on paper for my calendar. I also grabbed a few extra sheets, because I’m going to make a page for my dad, frame it, and give it to him when he gets back from Wales. And, some good news, next time I go in, I can get $15 off… because I got my first row of stamps on my card! Whee! That $15 is going towards buying the frame for my dad’s page, because the frame on it’s own is $35. Eep!

(FYI: If you’re wondering how a scrapbooking shop can be open on a Friday night, every second Friday they’re open from 6pm until midnight for a class. How cool is that?!)

I got back from the shop, pulled out all my stuff and spread it across the dining table, where it stayed all weekend. I made a mess to conquer all messes. I loved it. Mum probably won’t… I’m sure I missed some bits of paper on the floor or something.

Over the weekend, I finished off our engagement album. I didn’t get as many pages out as I thought I would, but I still got about 10 or 11 pages done, which is pretty good for one night’s worth of photos. I also got January and February done for my 2008 calendar, and started March. Then, I had a look at the album I started for my school formal (or prom, wherever you are in the world!) and decided it was crap, so I’m re-doing it. I managed to get two pages done of that. I finally printed out the rest of my photos (3 years later.. whoops!) so I’ve got plenty to keep me going for awhile!

Then I had to pack it all up 😦

Saturday morning I went out with my dad, which was really nice because we don’t go out that much anymore. We went to pick up his money transfer (for the plane ticket) and had a wonder around the shops while we were there. This shopping centre was awesome. I’d never been there before, but it was pretty big, and had some good stores. What really amazed me though, is they had about 6 big fish tanks in the middle of the centre, full of tropical fish. Think clownfish, electric blue fish etc, and live anemones which the fish were burying themselves in. Absolutely beautiful. If I ever go back there, I will have to make sure I have my camera to take some photos.

After we’d finished at the shopping centre, we drove to another centre, and I bought Dad his suit jacket, and then on the way home we went to Maccas for lunch. Really bad for the diet, and I didn’t enjoy the food, but it was really nice to spend time with my dad.

On Sunday, I went down the street with Matt to get some photos printed, and that was about all I saw of him all weekend. Ha. Saturday he worked, and then went and played pool (and drank, and then came home Saturday night and tried to start an argument with me), he slept in Sunday, then we got the photos printed, then he went back to bed, then I scrapbooked and he came out for dinner, and then he went back to bed to watch TV. Great fun. I tried to hide my disappointment… by doing more scrapbooking. Which is why I got so much done, I guess.

So that’s my weekend. I’m only working 3 days this week, and I’m taking Thursday and Friday off. Mainly to finish my overdue college assignments, but also to have a bit of a break, do more at the gym, go down and see my mates at the Salvos etc. I can’t wait!



  1. Sounds like an excellent weekend. I wish that I was more of a scrapper, but, sadly, I am not. 😦

    It’s all I can manage to remember to take photos at important events.

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