Posted by: k | September 28, 2007

Matt’s Mouth #3 (yes, again!)

He’s coming up with a few gems lately, he is.

Tonight I asked my mum if she wanted to come down to the scrapbooking shop with me. Every second Friday night my local scrapbooking shop is open until midnight (!) so occasionally I go down after dinner and have a look at what’s there.

My orignal idea was to get some paper and stuff, because I want to make a scrapbook page of my dad and I while he’s in Wales, frame it, and give it to him when he comes home. I ended up getting lots of other stuff too, for my calendar that I’m making, and ended up spending about $50 (but next time I go in, I get $15 off!!!).

But I digress. Since Matt knew I was going to the shop, he said he would go and see his sister (who I don’t like, and the feeling is mutual). He walked out to his car and then turned back to me, standing on the top step, and he asked if I was going to be putting petrol in my car this week, to which I said yes.

He then offered me his fuel voucher. I said there was no rush to give it to me, because I wasn’t going to fill up my car until the weekend.

Matt then walked up the stairs, handed me the voucher and said:

“Have it now, you’re going to have your wallet open anyway.”

Picking on my scrapbooking! Ha! I managed to slap him as he tried to escape back down the stairs.



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