Posted by: k | September 28, 2007

Matt’s Mouth #2

Matt and I were down the shops last night, and we were walking back to the car when he says:

“One of my toenails is dying.”

I just assumed he meant it was dying because of his ingrowns or whatever, which he’s always picking at (and driving me batty when I see blood). But no, he says:

“It’s not that, it’s one of the other ones, and I haven’t cut it for awhile. It’s not dying where you cut it, it’s dying from the other end.”

To which I say:

“From the cuticle?”


There’s a pause, we keep walking, and I stop at the ATM to check my account balance (yep, still poor).

Then he randomly says:

“You only get two toenails, you know.”

“What?” – me

“Yeah, I knew someone that ripped his toenail out, and my mum said that you only get two.”

“Errr… okay…”

Now, folks, I am… desperate to Google this, but how would I word it? “Total number of toenails person born with?” Oh please. I’d more than likely end up at someone’s blog, and then get laughed at in their Google-age. No thanks.

Anyone that knows about toenails and their lifespans, feel free to enlighten me.

I’m still shaking my head.

(He later showed me said toenail, and pointed out where it’s dying and said “look, it’s squishy!”)



  1. LOL! I have no idea about the lifespan of toenails, but the whole conversation just sounds so random and funny! Poor Matt and his toenails!

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