Posted by: k | September 28, 2007


Today, as it happens, I have a couple of anniversaries going on.

My granddad passed away two years ago today. My dad’s dad. It’s kind of sad that now Nan is so sick, especially today. Hopefully she makes it through the day okay. Apparently she’s feeling better now, she’s not in as much pain, and she’s put on a little bit of weight. Even having a joke or two with the doctors – although I think the drugs might have something to do with that.

(On another note with this, my auntie is sending the money through today, so it looks like Dad will be flying out in about 3 weeks, on a Monday, and he’ll be gone for at least 5 weeks.)

Another reason to remember today – I’ve been in this job for a year as of today. It’s gone so quick, but at the same time I feel like I’ve been here forever. Ha. I have a hell of a lot more responsibility than I used to, even though I’m in the same position, but it’s starting to wear me down a bit. I feel like I have two separate jobs: being the receptionist and helping all the other staff members, and being my boss’ personal secretary. And they don’t mesh together that well. (Will I be here this time next year? Depends.)

What I always seem to do with dates, is think back to where I was on that day. Like when my granddad passed away, I was working the night shift, and got into the car just after 9pm to hear the bad news… I was 17.

This day last year, was my first day in this job, in any office job for that matter, and I was crapping myself. Everything was freaking me out, and I remember thinking “well, this better work out because I’ve already quit the retail crap, and I don’t really want to be unemployed.”

I’d also been with Matt just over 6 months, and everything was still pretty new and exciting where he was concerned. We were comfortable with each other, he’d just moved in, but it was still new, and I was still adjusting to being in a relationship after not quite two years of singledom. Now? Well, beat me with the sentimental stick, but he’s as much a part of me as an arm or a leg – you don’t know how the hell you’d live without it. And you don’t want to think about it. We’re that close now it would probably make some people sick – I can tell him things I wouldn’t even consider telling my closest girlfriend. Even the girly, icky stuff (and you girls know what I’m talking about). Which is slightly weird, yes, but it works. At least my man is willing to talk about that sort of stuff, and actually has an opinion on it, like when I changed from the pill to depo.

In short, today is a very sentimental day for me. September 28 for me, means a lot of growing up was done. I had to deal with my first family death, and I took a big step and quit my high-school job for something more adult (and better paid).

Maybe next time I pick my lotto numbers, I should pick 28…


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