Posted by: k | September 25, 2007

Nan update

Well folks, I think you’ll have noticed I avoided the topic for a day or two, it was just too upsetting for me, but there is a little bit of good news now, so I thought I’d share.

First of all, on Sunday we went to the local church and got some rosary beads. My nan’s a practicing Catholic, so we got the beads and had them blessed by the priest. Dad loves the idea, and he’s taking the beads with him when he flies out. Mum got purple ones, because that’s my favourite colour. How cool is it that there are purple rosary beads?

As for him flying out… we’ve got a bit more time. My auntie called last night and said that she’d visited Nan at the hospital, and she’s feeling a bit better. She’s not in as much pain, and she’s eating a bit, which is good. Unfortunately though, all the medication has given her thrush and ulcers inside her mouth, so now she’s getting treated for that. My auntie said that if Nan holds steady, my dad won’t need to fly out for about 4 weeks. So, we’re starting to relax a little, because it’s not all rushing to get dad to the airport.

More to come when it becomes known…



  1. First off, purple rosary beads are awesome! We went to the Vatican many years ago and they had all these stalls around, selling rosary beads of all different sizes and colours!

    It’s good news about your Nan – I hope she continues like this for a while – it’s good that she’s not in as much pain, and is eating. And I am sure she will love the beads.

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