Posted by: k | September 25, 2007

I’m going bald…

Because today, everyone wants everything NOW and I’m ripping my hair out!

Believe me, today is one of those days. One of those days that drags and seems to last for-bloody-ever.

People, stop calling the office. Staff, stop asking for stuff. Boss, stop asking me to send faxes when the machine is dying and refuses to cooperate. Oh, and buy a new fax. Please?

I know, I’ll do what you want, right now, and not enter these invoices. Then, the subcontractors won’t get paid on Friday, get angry, and walk off the job. Then we won’t have anything to do.

I really need a holiday. I am asking for two days off next week. To finish college assignments. And to help my mum with grocery shopping. And help out the Salvation Army on stall day, like I used to. And maybe scrapbook. But mainly to finish assignments.

If I ever leave this job, and have a boss who knows how to use their own computer, and can send their own emails and faxes, I will be in heaven.

My boss isn’t a bad guy, he just has a knack of interrupting you and making you do his unimportant stuff instead of the urgent stuff that needs doing in the next 2 hours or so.

Just… ARHHH!!!!


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