Posted by: k | September 23, 2007

Matt’s Mouth #1

My other half says some pretty whacked stuff… funny, cute, and whacked.

There’s a new Pascall’s ad airing while Australian Idol is on – and the chick in it, I noticed, is wearing my favourite dress. That I own. That is hanging up on the back of my door.

I pointed it out to Matt, who had to wait until it aired a second time, and when he realised that it really was my dress, he exclaimed:

“Skank bitch!”

So there.



  1. Haha, oh my God I just spat my drink out! That is hilarious! Did he do the head-bop and finger snap too? That would have been CLASSIC! Hehe 😀

  2. That’s a guy who’s got your back!!!

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