Posted by: k | September 22, 2007

More excitement…

To go with the excitement of the past week (ie, the accident, and now finding out about my Nan) there’s even more!

When my Granddad passed away (two years ago this week, the 28th, to be exact), my Auntie Denise sent money over for a return flight for Dad, so he could fly over and be with the family, and help arrange the funeral etc. He was gone for two weeks. So, now that it’s not looking too good for my Nan, we knew that he’d be flying out again, relatively soon.

But this time, it seems that Dad wants to fly out sooner, to be by her side, which is fair enough. And stay there until she passes, and the funeral’s over.

My Auntie will be calling on Monday night our time, to see what arrangement she’s been able to come up with. This could mean… that my Dad could be flying out as early as this week.

And he could be gone for a couple of months.


Mum and I are upset about this, but we know that we can’t make him stay here. Honestly, I wouldn’t want him to stay, if he had the chance to go.

It’s just that my Dad isn’t a very well man. He’s a cancer survivor himself, and he’s on a hell of a lot of medication, especially painkillers. He takes Codalgin Forte, one of the strongest painkillers there are. He gets printouts from the chemist sometimes, and he roughly goes through 600 of those tablets in a few months. He gets the painkillers, in boxes of 5, and they usually last about a week.

The thing is, he’s never pain free, but the tablets make it slightly more bearable.

At the moment, he’s in a real physical low. His pain is unbearable, he can’t do much, and we’ve been worried about him for awhile. But now, we’re worried about his emotional state as well, with the events that are taking place.

So, if he flies out this week, and is gone for a month or two, we are seriously going to be freaking out. To be able to fly, his doctor needs to write several letters, so that he can take all his medication through customs, and so he can get the medication overseas if he runs out… a lot of paperwork.

Combine this with the fact that we’ve never been apart for 3 weeks, and we’re upset and worried about his mum, and you can get a rough idea of how frazzled we are at the moment.

Ed Harrys (a men’s clothing store) had a sale on today, and my mum and I picked up some winter tops for him while we were out, since they were marked down. We told Dad they were for next winter, but he knows why we really got them.

I’ve already decided that I need to sit my boss down on Monday and explain everything, so he knows what’s going on. If my Dad ends up flying out on a weekday, I’m taking the day off. When I get news of my Nan passing, and if I don’t feel up to working, I’ll be asking to have a couple of days off then too. I have nearly 2 weeks of holidays up, so I’m entitled to it, if I need it.

I am now more grateful than ever that I am lucky enough to have Matt in my life. I was a mess last night, and he just held me. And even though the situation reminded him of when his dad passed away (3 years ago in June), he managed to hold his composure and comfort me. Which means more to me than he’ll ever know.

Something else that means a lot to me: the wonderful comments and virtual hugs from Aly, Katie and Laurel. You guys, just by reading and dropping a note to say you’re thinking of me and my family, means so much!

In the meantime, I’ll keep everyone in the loop as to the crazy goings-on around here.

It would be nice to have just one year where something doesn’t go haywire. Just one, peaceful, happy year. Maybe 2008.

I almost forgot. If Dad flies out this week, I want to have a letter and some photos ready, so he can give them to my Nan for me… a goodbye from her only granddaughter. Thing is, what should I write? Is very delicate. If anyone has some suggestions, I’d really appreciate it.

Okay, am stopping now, because writing that last paragraph made me burst into tears.



  1. I’m so sorry you guys are going through this, it is really tough. For the letter, I would suggest you sit down when you are completely calm to do it. It’s wonderful about Matt – sometimes you just need to be held and loved and supported, and from what I hear about him, he sounds like a great guy. I approve. =P

    I hope everything works out with your dad travelling and with his health. And if you ever need another pep talk or just a sympathetic ear, you know where to find me. You’re a wonderful person and I’m glad I was able to find your blog (blame Alynda for that!). I’m still thinking of your family and you during this difficult time.

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