Posted by: k | September 21, 2007

Kelly’s First Accident pt.2

I’ve already explained that I had my first accident and it wasn’t my fault etc, if you haven’t read it – click me.

Okay. Now I know that I don’t have a brand new car… in fact, my car was made in 1991, which makes it 16 years old. I’m sure Janet can tell you how traumatic it is to have your new car crunched.

My car is nowhere near new. I know this. But, it is the first car I have ever owned, and although it’s had it’s fair share (and probably more) of mechanical problems, I still love it to bits.

Which is why I’m still kind of in shock that this stupid woman HIT ME! Jeez…

Anyway, I uploaded the photos to show you the damage.

Pic one: taken from the back end of the car (hello, indicator!) down the passenger side. You can clearly see that my wheel is naked, cause the impact send the wheel cover flying, and well, it shattered. The naked tyre was the first thing I noticed when I walked around to see.


Pic two: I tried to get righ up against the car for this one so you can see just how far in the dent is. I don’t know if you can make it out, but right above the dent is the door for the fuel tank. Another reason to freak out, because I didn’t know where the tank was. Apparently it’s under my backseat, and the pipe runs at an angle away from the dent. All is good.


Pic three: this is the little slogan thingy I have in the rear window on the passenger side. Quite ironic, because it’s above the dent. I think it will become somewhat symbolic. (Please ignore the reflection of clingy top in this photo. Ick)


And, pic 4 is a photo taken in the same spot on the driver’s side, so you can see what the panel used to look like.


Over the weekend, I will take some more photos of my car, but of the whole car, so you can see what I’m cruisin’ around in.

She ain’t much, but she’s my baby. And if you hit her again, I hit you. Is simple.

I’m considering contacting my insurance company to see if they can send a letter out to the other driver to scare the shit out of her. I didn’t get her name, but I got her licence plate, which should be more than enough to track her down, if I decide to be a total bitch about it. Which, I feel I have every right to.



  1. You have every right to pass on her information – technically she left the scene of an accident… Oh now I’m being evil! But I still stand by my other comment – she should pay for the damage to your car, as it was totally her fault. I’m glad you are okay though – I haven’t had a crash yet (well, don’t even have my own car yet!) but I imagine it would be a terrifying ordeal!

  2. ugh! I’m sorry about your car. I hope they find her though…

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