Posted by: k | September 21, 2007

Kelly’s First Accident pt.1

Well, my days of saying I’ve never been in a car accident are over.

However, you will be relieved to know (as am I) that it was fairly minor, and I wasn’t the one at fault.

But still, being in an accident of any description is terrifying, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Here’s the story: I was on my way home from work. I’d pulled into the shopping centre to post the mail, which I had done, and I was on my way out of the carpark. On my left as I drive out, there’s the ramps to the underground carpark. At the top of the ramp exiting that carpark, there’s a give way sign, and a MASSIVE give way painted on the road. I was driving past, and this woman come up the ramp, and didn’t stop.

There was a big bang, and I drove on for a couple of metres, until I realised “shit, that was ME!” at which I stopped the car and got out. The first thing I noticed is that my wheel cover (hubcap) was missing. Then I actually had a proper look, and the whole rear panel of my car above the rear tyre was caved in. I was hysterical. I went and retrieved my shattered hubcap and chucked it in the passenger seat, and then examined the damage. She even left me a colour swatch of her car.

She eventually got out her car. She didn’t even walk over to look at my car. She just looked at her bumper, which, by the way, had a TINY buff mark where she hit me, and that was all.

Then she started screaming “I stop! I stop!” at me when I pointed to the big-ass give way sign.

“I stop for you!”

Yeah, she stopped alright. Her front tyres were ON the give way line, so the whole front end of her car was out. Which is how she hit me. I think she was expecting me to stop for her.

No damage to her car, yet my poor little egg just got cracked. By the way, I’m very lucky this was in a carpark, because I was doing maybe 20km/h. Had either one of us been going any faster, it would have been a hell of a lot worse. Especially because it was such a big bang.

So anyway, she’s yelling at me, saying she stopped. And to my surprise, although I was shaking like a leaf and totally hysterical, I spoke quite calm. I just said “well, you didn’t stop soon enough, obviously.”

And she just kept going… “don’t worry, I fix my car myself.” Sorry? YOU hit ME, and you expect ME to fix YOUR undamaged car? Stuff off, lady. In the end, she was just like “we leave it?” and I just went “FINE!” and got back in the car.

I have no idea how I drove home, because I was shaking so bad I think the car was rocking. I held it together until I got in the door, and then I just burst into tears. Mum freaked out, then they both went to look at the car.

(By the way, I took photos, but I was too out of it last night to upload them.)

Matt came home about an hour later, and he saw my dad in the boot of my car trying to get the panel off. Then he saw the side of the car… and he came in and I got big hugs. Which I needed.

I didn’t even go out for late night shopping last night. I didn’t want to look at a car, let alone get in one.

To top it all off, I had a look at my insurance policy, and if I were to claim, I’d have to pay $600 excess because I’m under 21. The dent isn’t going to cost $600 to fix… so, I can’t do anything. This means that Matt has the fun job of a DIY panelbeating gig on the weekend.

All I have left to say is: If you’re in Brisbane, living in the Logan area, and you see a Maroon Hyundai Sonata with the rego plates 951GRR, stay away!

I will post photos when I get home from work…



  1. OH I am so glad you are okay! That must have been scary!
    That woman was totally at fault – she should have given you her details and she should be responsible for paying for damage! You’ve got her licence plate – I think you should follow it up as it is 100% her fault. Her screaming probably was a way to distract you or make you just want to leave, so she wouldn’t have to own up to being at fault and shell out to fix your car. I’m so sorry your car was damaged, that is so unfair!

  2. I agree, putting in a report – you can say that she wouldn’t give you details and left the accident scene without giving you her nformation – that is her fault.

    Glad you are okay 🙂

  3. Are you not required to exchange insurance information in Australia? In the US, you exit your car with your insurance card in hand and hand it over before you say a word. Then the companies decide fault.

    But then again, we Americans love to sue each other, so we’ve put some crazy precautions in place.

    Glad YOU’RE okay, though. That’s what’s most important!

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