Posted by: k | September 20, 2007

Google me.

My boss asked me to “Google something” for him today.

To some, this might be the norm. Not me.

My boss, however is 60, computer illiterate (obviously, as I take care of all his emails and letters for him), and not willing to learn. He has a computer sitting on his desk so it looks good (!), but he’s never used it. I can also bet that he doesn’t know how to use the fax machine or photocopier.

So, the fact that he knows Google even exists, is quite extraordinary.

I had a giggle to myself as I looked for the phone number he wanted.

I need to get out more.

And right now, because I finished all my work 15 minutes early, I’m going to Google myself, and see if there’s a crime out there I’ve committed and not known about.

ETA: Well, I’m not a mass murderer, but there was “Kelly Marie”, the British Disco singer from the 1970’s. Holy shit! I am going to have to do this in a separate post when I get home. There’s pictures and everything…
FYI. This blog comes in at a lowly 8th place when you Google “Kelly Marie”. Pfffshhh.


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