Posted by: k | September 18, 2007

Sunny Side Up.

Okay, I admit it. I cannot live without my sunglasses. However, I don’t have them because they look good. I have them because I need them. I have light-sensitive eyes (my optometrist told me that – I’m not making it up!), and any sort of glare just messes with my eyes something terrible. I can hardly stand to drive at night because of it.

Anyone who’s ever been to (or lived in) Australia will know that the sun here can be lethal at any time of year, but especially leading up to and including summer. As soon as you step outside, your skin starts to burn. It’s lethal. Especially in Brisbane, which is where I am.

About 4 months ago, my precious pair of sunglasses snapped clean in half. I was very upset, but could understand it, because man, I bashed those sunglasses around! I threw them in my handbag, I put stuff on top of them, I bent them when the arms got too wide for my head… you name it. They lasted me a good 18 months though.

So, I began the quest for a new pair of sunnies. I didn’t fall in love with any of them, but I found a pair that did the job, and I forked out $30 for them.

Two weeks later, one of the arms snapped. I took them back.

I got another pair, exactly the same, because I figured the first ones I had were a dud. Two weeks? Insane.

I had the second pair about 10 weeks. All was good. They weren’t stretched. I was looking after them. No putting them in my handbag. No putting them on my desk and then chucking paperwork on top of them. I really looked after them.

Sunday morning, I went to the gym. Took my sunnies, of course. Gingerly placed them in my glovebox when I arrived, and retrieved them when I drove home. Once I got in the door, I put them on the bench next to the fishtank.

An hour later, I went to go down the shops. I picked up the sunnies, and the arm snapped. Again. Drove down the shops without them. Dayum, I gave myself a good headache. I started looking for a new pair, but then I realised, hey, when I bought the first pair (that snapped two weeks later), they told me they had a 12 month warranty. Less that 4 months later, my second pair snapped. I decided to take them back!

Here, I have enclosed for your perusal, the broken pair of glasses. As you can see, they are unwearable. This is exactly how the other pair snapped, as well:


I drove up to Browns Plains, where I got the sunnies from. It’s about 15 min away in the car. Being a Sunday, there was only a casual girl on,. and she couldn’t authorise an exchange, one, because I didn’t have a receipt (I looked everywhere!) and two, because the manager had to authorise it anyway. I left the glasses with her, along with my details, and a message to call me about 12:30, since that’s usually when I have lunch.

Yesterday, I had my mobile sitting out, waiting for this phone call. It never came. I got more and more irate at work, to the point that I decided I was going to go straight up there after work and give ’em what for. Would you believe it, I was in the car on the way up there, and my phone rang. I just knew it was the manager. So I pulled over and listened to my voicemail, and she hesitated a bit, but said that I could exchange them.

I got up there about 20 minutes later, and explained how they’d snapped, and also explained that I brought an exact pair back after they’d snapped two weeks after buying them. She remembered me! She also said that she wasn’t supposed to do exchanges without a receipt, but that she was going to do it anyway. I said I was quite willing to pay extra (on top of the $30 credit) to get a reliable pair. She showed me the stand with the most reliable sunnies, and I picked from there.

Not only did I get better frames, but the lenses themselves are polarised, unlike my last pair. Basically, they not only have the UV protection, they have an extra film on them to cut out extra glare. Awesome! Only cost me an extra $10.

And, now for the happy ending – here is me with my new swanky “Mangrove Jacks”, which will hopefully last more than 10 weeks! I am going to treat this pair like a newborn!




  1. I switched over to polarized sunglasses recently and I don’t think I can even go back. They’re so much better! Definitely worth the extra cost.

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