Posted by: k | September 18, 2007


A few months ago, Matt had a couple of spots come up. He went to the doc, and found out they were fungal, got a bodywash, and they went away.

But, it seems, he gave them to me.

I had a few come up on my right arm, on the inside, above my elbow. No matter what I tried, they just wouldn’t go away. A couple of weeks ago, I got one spot on my left forearm. And it’s getting bigger.

I have been asking Matt for ages to get some more bodywash, so I can get rid of them. Today, I got sick of nagging him, and not getting what I needed, so I went to the pharmacy to get it myself. Even though I didn’t know what the proper stuff was.

Now, there’s a youngish guy that works at the pharmacy. He’d be in his mid-20’s, I’m guessing. He’s kinda dorky looking, but only because he’s a bit awkward… probably shyness. He knows who I am, since my dad is always getting medication, and he asks how I’m going, and when he hears that I’m sick he sends home messages that I get better soon.

He was on this afternoon when I went to get the bodywash. And, I had a revelation. But, it was a bit awkward. Let me sum it up for you.

The bodywash I requested: $16.95
The realisation that the pharmacy guy is actually quite cute: The sound of a penny dropping in my head.
Having to explain to cute pharmacy guy that you need the bodywash because your fiance gave your fungal spots? Do I need to say “priceless”? Seriously? Can’t you figure that out? Eh…



  1. Oh dear! I hope the spots go away quickly !! 😉

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