Posted by: k | September 17, 2007

Holy crap!

‘Dead’ man wakes up under autopsy knife

Saturday Sep 15 08:33 AEST

A Venezuelan man who had been declared dead woke up in the morgue in excruciating pain after medical examiners began their autopsy.

Carlos Camejo, 33, was declared dead after a highway accident and taken to the morgue, where examiners began an autopsy only to realise something was amiss when he started bleeding. They quickly sought to stitch up the incision on his face.

“I woke up because the pain was unbearable,” Camejo said, according to a report on Friday in leading local newspaper El Universal.

His grieving wife turned up at the morgue to identify her husband’s body only to find him moved into a corridor – and alive.

Can I just say… holy crap! How could they have got it so wrong? Shipping a guy to a morgue when he’s still alive?! Cutting him open? Don’t they like, check a pulse or anything anymore? Is that “old school”? Jeez!

He’s a lucky man!


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