Posted by: k | September 16, 2007

Weekend baggage.

I’m not doing too well with posting one bag per day, am I? Lately it’s been in clumps… Oh well. Time for the next two!

The first one is a cute little plastic thing which I haven’t used for quite awhile now. It’s quite cute, practical for when you don’t have much to carry. But considering the past year or so I’ve had to upgrade to what I call a proper “woman’s purse” – aka something with lots of card spaces, I can’t fit it in this bag! Will be handy if I ever need to just carry ID, my mobile and some cash. Until then? It stays shiny…


This next one doesn’t exactly qualify as a bag, but it’s so damn cute I couldn’t leave it out. Matt bought me this coin purse…. it oozes awesomeness, and the monkeys are way cute. I used it for quite awhile, but then I got kinda sick of keeping ALL my change in it, so I’m thinking about just putting my gold coins in it, or just my silver. I dunno yet. But I love it, and I will treasure it forever as a present from my cookie – see, a pet name that’s original. At least I think it’s original! It’s not “dear”, or “hun”, or “sweetie”.


Speaking of the cookie – Matt – we actually had a “proper” date last night. We haven’t had one for a looooooooong time, and it was awesome. We stopped off at a friend of mine’s to pick up my scrapbooking order (more paper!), then went out to dinner. Normally, dinner is disastrous for us, because since I’ve gone on my health kick/decided to lose 30kg, any sort of resturant meal tends to make me quite sick. So if we go out to eat, I’m either sick before we leave, or we’ll have plans to go somewhere, but we have to end up coming home because I get sick. Ergh. Anyway, not last night. Was good!

We both had the rump steak (cooked well-done, I’ll elaborate in the next paragraph!), with mushroom gravy, and chips and salad. Ohhh…. the steak was absolutely divine. It was a 350g piece (surprised? This girl loves her steak!), smothered in mushroom gravy, with the salad in a bowl on the side. And, it didn’t make me sick. It was wonderful!

Anyway, the steak. I am not one of these types that can have it medium rare, or rare, or whatever. It has to be cooked. Properly. I want it nearly cremated, ya hear? None of this pink in the middle rubbish. I do not want my steak mooing when I cut into it. I don’t want it screaming at me, or squirming about on the plate, or oozing blood. Cook it properly, damnit! What surprised me about Matt when we first started dating, is that he will only eat steak when it’s well done as well. I don’t know why I was surprised, I just assumed he would have been one of those medium rare fans.

We went to Hog’s Breath cafe a couple of months ago, and the guy sitting next to me (it was with people from my work) ordered the steak medium. And I looked at it when he cut it open, and it was foul. It was totally pink in the middle! How feral. I was expecting mooing, honestly. That, or the steak to sprout arms and hold up a sign saying “eat more pork!”

Anyhoo, I digress. Dinner was lovely, it didn’t make me sick, and it filled me up nicely. As a 350g piece of steak should. Then, I did something I don’t normally like doing. I had a spare $5, so I thought “why not?” and went over to the pokies. If I ever play the pokies, I automatically assume the cash is gone. You may as well flush it down the toilet. I cringe when people put $10 and $20 notes into machines near me. Anyway, I was down to my last dollar, and I figured I was just about ready to call it a night. I picked a machine, and I got free spins. Okay, I’ll finish the spins, and then I’m done. I ended up getting $8 out of the machine. Woo!

I went and found Matt, and he was playing two machines (!) at once. He finished on one, so I sat next to him and figured I’d use the extra $3, make it even, and then leave. I was down to my last dollar of profit again…

You should have seen the free spins I got! I got like 3 in a row! I got up to $12 on the machine, and then I tried to get it down to $10. I got more spins… it got up to $15, so I took it and ran.

Long story short? Dinner was $10 cheaper. Yay!

I am not a pokies fan. I’ve seen what they do to people when they get addicted. It’s not pretty. And quite honestly, I can think of a million other (better) things to spend my money on!

After I got my free $10… Matt wanted to play pool, so we went downstairs. We had a couple of games (and I didn’t play too bad, thank you very much!), put some good music on the jukebox, and then went home.

Today was just relaxing. I slept in until about 8.30, and then got up and did my thing at the gym. Nothing too exciting happened today, but it was good to relax!


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