Posted by: k | September 13, 2007


No handbags for two days?! I am so sorry!

I’ve been doing a class in Milton as part of my traineeship for the past two days. Tuesday, I was just too damn tired after I got home. When I have to go into the city, it’s an hour train ride each way, plus a 7 hour class, so it’s a very long day… I figured that I could post an extra bag yesterday…

I came home from my class yesterday, and had a PT session at 7.30. Fair enough, I thought, I can post when I get home.

I got home at 8:10, walked in my room, and everything was shut off and Matt was asleep. He didn’t even wait for me to get home. I was barely gone an hour.

(By the way, yesterday was our 18 month anniversary, so I’m NOT happy with this.)

So, I could have: (a) Been a total bitch and turned all the lights & computer on and blogged anyway, or (b) Have a sook, but let him sleep.

So I let him sleep. Then I went to bed an hour later. We didn’t even snuggle or anything… and this morning, we didn’t even talk. I said “seeya” and gave him a kiss, and he said “seeya”, and that was the extent of our entire conversation in the morning. I even had to wake myself up this morning. Hmmph.

I have no idea if I’ve done something wrong (and if I have he won’t tell me… such is man), and considering all I wanted was to come home and have a cuddle… well… whatever.

I’ll see how things are this afternoon. But I will DEFINITELY be posting bags!



  1. I can totally relate to the male whinge and it’s frustrating when you can’t think of what you possibly could have done wrong! I remember walking on egg shells around Phill for a while and then at the end of it, we figured out we didn’t even know WHY he was grumpy … he just WAS!

    Strange, strange boys!

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